NEW user and compatibility


I am new to Hubitat and have some questions about device compatibility.

I have a home with the following systems:

Security- ELK M1G with Ethernet

Sound- SONOS devices, some with Alexa built in

T.V - Sharp TVs with Ethernet

Cable Boxes- Xfinity

TV Control- Logitech Harmony hub, remote

Lighting - Lutron RA2 with Lutron hub and Main Repeater

Storm shutters - Somfy with RF remotes and Somfy web hub

HVAC - Trane nexia T-stat WIFI

Pool- Jandy iAqualink web

Do I have any chance of getting these or most of them to interface with Hubitat ?

Thank You very much


There’s no built-in driver for either of the two Somfy controllers (the ZRTSI Z-Wave 16-channel controller, or the myLink WiFi to RTS bridge). I’ve got both. There is, at present, no user-written driver for the myLink, but I’m considering writing one - Somfy is going off in a different direction that is integration-partner only for the myLink, and has removed the myLink API spec from its website. There is a user-written driver for the ZRTSI controller (you can get them on eBay) here, and I can verify it works with Hubitat:

The list of natively-supported devices is here:

Welcome to the community!

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There is a Sharp Aquos TV driver but it's not good. Many errors. Not recommended in its current state.

Sonos works quite well although resume to music after TTS is not well supported.