New update, can't log into hub

Hi, I installed the new update last night. Now my hub is showing offline. I've unplugged etc but no joy. Ive logged out of the hubitat app, uninstalled and re-installed. When I click on tools and then hub user management, the screen stays blank. Please help, my hub is currently useless and I appear to have lost everything

If the hub doesn't come up after reboot, please roll back using diagnostics tool at http://your.hubs.ip.address:8081/. Pick Restore previous version and select (or whatever was running on the hub prior to upgrade) from there.

Hi Cheers for this. I'm new to Hubitat and i use webcore. (i was formerly on ST) I was going to back up hubitat tomorrow but typically i didn't. In my error, ive re-booted the hub and lost everything. I've re-installed webcore but all of my pistons aren't there because it seems to be a differnt instance of webcore. Is there anyway to find my original HE webcore instance so i at least have all of my pistons?

You probably need to ask that in a webcore thread.

As webcore isn't made or supported by the Hubitat team (it is a user app, thus supported by users - not Hubitat the company) I'm not sure they will answer/know the answer. Someone in the webcore threads may know, though.

Should have come back without issue, although I did see one message in my log about a token change when I first entered after the update. Might try a Repair out of HPM (assuming you installed from there - if not re-import the latest source for each of the child apps and webCoRE). Open a browser window for the System Logs, and then open another window to go into webCoRE.

Second question, how long have you had your hub running? If more than a day or two you may be pleasantly surprised that it is taking a nightly backup for you that might be able to be restored if necessary.

Mine shutdown overnight but I went into 8081 and rebooted from there and it came backup. Feel free to poke your nose in there to see if there is something that can help the team. (It's a c7)

Is there anything scheduled for 1am? There was an orderly shutdown initiated at exactly that time, so it doesn't seem to be random, and it didn't crash.

I have rebooter running and it's never failed. Didn't even think about that. 8081 was up. I'll keep an eye on it and see if it happens again. Just wanted to throw it out there in case there was a gremlin that was popping up for you guys :slight_smile: I guess it never fully rebooted.

Does it try to reboot entire hub or just hub process? I'd say go for a full reboot, it can potentially resolve other inconsistencies.

It reboots the process. I just set it for full reboot. I have it set for just a couple of times a week "in case" I honestly don't know if I'm getting slowdowns or not :joy:

All, thanks for your help here. I've managed to restore to last night. i wasnt aware HE took automatically backed up each night so thanks soooooooo much. I spent a week adding devices etc. you guys are worth your weight in gold

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