New type of button sought (physical)

In each room we have a button device blu-tacked over or near the normal light switch. There are all sorts of brands, protocols and number of buttons as we tried out various. I now realise we could ideally do with something I haven't seen yet - a temporarily labellable button device. I have some very satisfactory 4-square Tuya Scene Switches that are large enough to take the labels I printed on transparent film. But the problem is we change what's available in each room, or rethink exactly which button is going to do what.

So I am looking for devices that have pockets where you can slip in a label then change it out later (like ringbinder label pockets) or some sort of easy-peel labelling film that you can peel off and replace

Why not just get something like these for the switches?

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Oh that might work! Might need to cut them down a bit to fit the buttons but no problem to do that.

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Ok I have used your idea and it has worked perfectly!

I will make some nicer labels when I get around to it - was just testing the concept here :slight_smile:

Although the device has 3 operations per button, our main concern is having them easy to use for house guests who are more used to using normal switches.