New to Rule Machine how to set a rule to over ride another

I am not sure if the title accurately states my question so here are the details. There is a hallway leading into my master bath I already have motion lighting rules based on modes using the motion aggregation zone to turn on and set the level of the lights in the hallway and bathroom based on modes(morning,day, afternoon, evening and bedtime and each work as expected. Now what I want to do is have the lights come on and stay on when the master bathroom door is closed (contact closed), and turn off when the door is open (contact open) independent of what was already set by the motion sensors.

I don't know how to do this since the bathroom light is already on (triggered by the aggregation zone). I have tried a number of trial and error settings and all ended up being errors as with the door shut (contact sensor closed) the lights still go off. If anyone could enlighten me I would be very grateful.

Ok, The only thing I can think of is to add a restriction that the door is open then turn off. I do this in my main bathroom because the light glares right into the bedroom, so when the door closes the light stays on or turns on depending on mode and turns right off at night and quiet time or times out when home. Here is my rule. I hope this helps. It's been running ok for about 2 weeks now. (We just remodeled the bathroom).
I made the rule very pushy and made specific condition that if the light was on and the door was open in night or quiet time it immediately turns off. This also makes the light turn off when the mode changes as well. Like it said, it's pushy by design. Probably overkill and better ways to set up, but I hope it gives you some direction in your rule because I think this is close to what you're trying to accomplish.


Thanks for the quick reply. This looks like it might do the trick. I am still learning RM so haven't gotten into the "advanced man's league" :slight_smile: ELSE I would have known this.

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We all had to start somewhere. My rules aren't perfect, but they work for me. :grin:
How about your post a screenshot of your rule when you've finished it for some input?

Happy to post a screenshot when done. thanks

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Finally finished this. I decided to use WebCore as I am having problems with RuleMachine and haven't heard back from support in 3 days :frowning: but here is my WebCore piston.

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