New to Room Lighting

I have just installed Room Lighting and have migrated motion lighting apps with only slight modification.

Now getting error reports in log.

Is it me?

Looks like the lux value for your Illuminance sensor either was empty (null) before or it didn't come over. Can you try to input a lux value in the Means to Activate to see if that helps?

Thank you for the reply.

I'm sorry that I didn't actually look at the import code.

I was in fact using my own lux control to set an 'OtherDullFlag' based on a variable threshold and did not have lux inhibiting operation.

I have now corrected the Hall lamp app to use the porch lux reading and my variable w threshold which has sorted the problem.

I will continue to import my other motion lighting apps to Room lighting.

I had identified an issue with Motion Lighting sometimes 'missing' the OtherDullFlag changing state to off so that the light continued to operate even when the flag was off. Toggling the OtherDullFlag on/off cured the problem. This won't be an issue if I migrate.

Thank you for your help.