New (to me) Tuya Moes contact sensor

Battery reports are bouncing between 97 and 89 on the for hour reporting schedule. Due to something in the driver that needs adjusting?

The drivers need an option (preference) to switch off the battery voltage to battery percentage conversion ... My newer drivers have such an option, but this driver does not have it.

Some devices will report only the battery percentage remaining, others will report only the battery voltage (Aqara as an example), and some will report both the percentage and battery voltage.

When I have the chance, I will add the option to switch off the battery voltage to percentage conversion.

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Thanks for the info... I will simply cover my eyes for now. :see_no_evil: :wink:

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Aside from the bouncing battery reporting (to be fixed by driver update) things are working perfectly w/this contact sensor. No outages or disconnects, registers open/closed events reliably. Very happy with it.

This looks like a good contact sensor option and its small size is a bonus.

All I want for Christmas is a driver update to fix the the "deviceProfile UNKNOWN" and battery reporting issues. :slight_smile:

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