New (to me) Tuya Moes contact sensor

Pretty clear it's Zigbee, but they were a little sloppy, weren't they. :wink:

This uses CR2032 battery and Aqara uses smaller CR1632. Should have better battery life.

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Yeah I just noticed that. As long as they aren't chatty chatty chatty, these could be really nice.

There is a good chance that these should be working with HE inbuilt 'Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor (no temp)' driver. It will not be recognized automatically, so after pairing as a 'Device', manually change the driver to the inbuilt one, and then, obligatory, pair the Moes contact sensor again (without deleting it).

In a case the above doesn't work, there is also a dedicated Tuya contact sensors custom driver.

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Thanks for your reply, appreciate it!

You mean "Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor..." right? :slight_smile:

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Yes, thank you for catching this - I corrected my post above.

Tuya contact sensors are usually very quiet. They wake up only when the contact state has changed and periodically to send battery reports every few hours.


Got one on the way to try. :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks!

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Arrived! It's a little taller and wider than the Aqara, but still quite small. It comes in mercifully small, less wasteful packaging than the Aqara and other devices, and actually has readable color install instructions.

I just added it to my C8 Pro. Joined easily, but as a moisture sensor. :wink:

Changed to Device and cleared all states, etc., then changed to Generic Zigbee Contact (no temp) and worked normally. The LED flashes briefly when open/close state changes, which I like.



At one point when I was futzing about w/it the battery started reporting 200%. Probably would have cleared up over time, but I switched to your Tuya contact sensor driver and battery reporting is normal again. I also like having the Health attribute so I'll keep using your driver. Thank you!

The sensitivity of the sensor to the magnet depends very much on left or right position. Seems like more variable than other contact sensors I've used.

On the left side of the sensor (assuming LED at the bottom) there is an embossed line in the middle of the sensor - other contact sensors have this as well and I've always taken them to mean "we recommend you put the magnet on this side."

Anyway, if you put the magnet on that "left side" of the sensor, it switches between Open and Closed per below distances. It doesn't seem to matter if the magnet is vertically aligned w/the sensor, you can move the magnet up or down vertically and sensing is consistent.



If you put the magnet on the right side of the sensor, things are different. If the magnet is aligned w/the middle of the sensor I can actually touch the magnet to the sensor and the sensor will still report Open. In below positions sensor reports Open.

If I slide the magnet down so the bottom of the magnet aligns w/the bottom of the sensor, the sensor then reports closed in this position, and reports open at a much closer distance than when on the left side, about 3/8".

I've seen "left/right) sensitivity differences in other sensors, but the differences on this one seem to be more significant. It does allow for some "customization" of the sensing distance that can be useful depending on your needs.

Interestingly, when I tried using a Aqara contact sensor magnet w/the Tuya sensor, no matter where I put it on the right side of the Tuya contact sensor while touching the sensor, the sensor never reported closed. The Aqara magnet worked normally on the left side of the Tuya sensor.

So thos are initial take-aways. I'm going to install it as a second sensor on one of my doors and let it run for a while and see if it seems reliable/dependable on the C8.

For now my very short-term response is these sensors seem like they could be a good contact sensor option for those looking for a small form factor. Assuming they are fully Zigbee 3.0 compatible, they should be more reliable than the Aqara have been on Hubitat hubs. (Though Aqara contacts have been working reliably for me on C7 and C8).

@mike.maxwell - can you update so this gets joined as a contact sensor, no temp?


Liked your device review very much! Useful info, tech details, good photos, precise measurements... good stuff :+1:

What's the next device you'll review? :rofl: We should have a forum ssction with stuff like this.


It's the least I can do since I'm not a driver/app guy (except to use/abuse them after other smarter people like you create them.). :wink:


Unfortunately, things have not been smooth sailing so far w/this sensor.

Two nights ago it fell offline and stayed offline for several hours. When I noticed I opened and closed the door it's mounted on a few times and it started reporting again and seemed to be OK. (The door is in regular use throughout the day.)

I checked again this AM and see a lot of "offline/online" in Device page Events:

Any thoughts, @kkossev? Just not a great device, or something I could/should try? Unless there's something else to try, I'll move it to my C7 and see if it works better on that hub. I have had problems w/Zigbee on the C8 (but generally not w/Zigbee 3.0 devices).

Check what is the healthStatus check period in the Preferences section . Is it less than 4 hours?

Your screenshot above shows that the device profile is UNKNOWN - this means it is not recognized as the correct type. Wait a day or two, I will look at this device.

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Yes, it's currently at 1 hr...too low?
2024-04-05 09_59_30-C8, C7, Hubs

You got it, and thank you! :slight_smile:

Look at the logs - the status goes back to online every 4 hours.

4’hours is this device battery reporting interval.

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So it's not really offline, just the normal reporting period is longer. DOH. Thanks.

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OK - good news is that the sensor online status has been w/out issue since I set the Health Check interval to a resonable period, per your adivce. :slight_smile:

Sensor open/close has also been working w/out issue during that time.

One potential concern - battery has gone from 100 to 89 in just a few days...I know battery reporting is bit of a game, and it may just be that the battery that shipped w/the device (Nectium - never heard of it) wasn't really at full charge or an especially good battery. Oops - just noticed in device Events that battery reporting is jumping back and forth:

I'll put in one of my Panasonic 2032s (have a lot of experience w/them and they last well and report pretty consistently) and see if I get similar results.

Battery reports are bouncing between 97 and 89 on the for hour reporting schedule. Due to something in the driver that needs adjusting?

The drivers need an option (preference) to switch off the battery voltage to battery percentage conversion ... My newer drivers have such an option, but this driver does not have it.

Some devices will report only the battery percentage remaining, others will report only the battery voltage (Aqara as an example), and some will report both the percentage and battery voltage.

When I have the chance, I will add the option to switch off the battery voltage to percentage conversion.

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Thanks for the info... I will simply cover my eyes for now. :see_no_evil: :wink:

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Aside from the bouncing battery reporting (to be fixed by driver update) things are working perfectly w/this contact sensor. No outages or disconnects, registers open/closed events reliably. Very happy with it.

This looks like a good contact sensor option and its small size is a bonus.

All I want for Christmas is a driver update to fix the the "deviceProfile UNKNOWN" and battery reporting issues. :slight_smile:

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