New to Hubitat

New to habitat system getting ready to dump my two Vera hubs I have one at home and one at my cottage is there any issues setting up mobile app to control both locations

Depends on what you mean with "control," but we can come back to that later. :slight_smile:

The first issue with the mobile app is that you can only associate it with one hub at a time. You can switch between hubs in the app, but it's kind of a pain (IMHO) and probably not something you'd want to do all the time. But the app is really optional for any hub--it's one option for getting notifications (it creates a device on the hub that supports this capability) and one option for geopresence (the same device also reports present/not present status). There are built-in and community alternatives for both, and if you want to use the Hubitat app for one or both on one hub, you'll probably want to use another solution on another hub (or use something like Hub Mesh or HubConnect to share the device from one hub to another; Hub Mesh requires them to be on the same LAN, but HubConnect has a cloud option, as does a similar solution I've been secretly-ish working on...).

The other main feature of the app is easy Hubitat Dashboard access. These are just webpages, so you don't need the app at all. You don't even need to use Hubitat Dashboard at all, and it doesn't do anything on its own unless you set up a dashboard (or few). This might be what you mean when you say "control." (You can also use the admin UI, but it's not exactly pretty for day-to-day usage and is also only accessible from the same LAN as the hub, at least by default.) So you could just use the cloud dashboard links and forget the app at all if this is all you need.

"Rooms" in the admin UI and the "Devices" page in the mobile app are two new-ish features that try to create default Dashboard-looking areas for you to view and control certain kinds of devices, which might be the only thing the mobile app can do that isn't possible as-is via a different mechanism, and again this will only show in the app for the "current" hub, but Dashboard or similar solutions would be a good workaroud (some people set up things like HomeBridge instead of use the built-in Alexa or GH integrations and consider that good enough for away-from-home control).


Thanks for the info I use the systems to arm sensors when away and control thermostat as well as monitoring fire detectors all zwave devices very small systems at both locations also to control ac when door opens to off and than on after a delay also auto turn two lites on with a schedule looks like the habitat hub should work

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