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I am considering jumping into the world of home automation and was thinking between SmartThings and Hubitat. But after doing my research, I am thinking of going with Hubitat. I had a few question, hope someone here can help me and guide me.

  1. Hubitat Safety Monitor. Has anyone used this? Do you just add motion sensors, door sensors and siren to the habitat safety monitor to use it a local security system. I am not looking for professional monitoring. I was thinking of getting the Ring Alarm. If I am only looking into self monitoring, should I go with the Ring Alarm or stick with the Hubitat Safety Monitor? Also, if I go with the Ring Alarm, can it be integrated into Hubitat?

  2. I have Arlo Pro camera's. Can they be integrated into Hubitat?

  3. I know people use the home automation so there is less to do. But I was thinking of having a few tablets around the house to control the devices. Once for atleast the front door to arm/disarm the security (Ring Alarm or Hubitat Safety Monitor). I have heard that the aesthetics of the hubitat dashboard are not good. What other options are there? I have heard about sharptools. Any thoughts on that? I also saw on this community something about smartly 2.0. Any idea what that is?

  4. I have a Marshall Stanmore Multi-room speaker. Can that be integrated into Hubitat? I did not see as part of the compatible devices.

  5. Any recommendations on which door sensors, motion detector, camera's and switches which can integrate with Hubitat and work with alexa/google based on people's experiece.

Thanks in advance.

I might be a bit biased, but it's great! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

All kidding aside, one of our key goals with SharpTools was to provide a polished interface that's easy use and customizable. I've found that people often start with the basics of SharpTools and then continue to discover neat new features they can use.

Like the Hubitat team, we have a strong focus on listening to the community and implementing new features and enhancements based on community feedback, so SharpTools and Hubitat are a great combination!


I have both Hubitat Safety Monitor (HSM) setup and Ring Alarm. You are correct that you can add and setup motion and door sensors and then get alarms via a siren, and also via notifications on your phone devices, Alexa Echo, Google home, etc.

There is a community integration to Ring that works great but you need to remember that it could stop working if Amazon/Ring change something that impacts it. I currently use it and love it.

Quite a few people do that. You can use Smartly is an external integration where you add your dashboard and it allows you to add other features to it.

There are a lot of options! I personally really like the Inovelli switches. My switches are either Inovelli or Lutron. For Lutron, a Lutron Pro hub is required, but well worth it!

I love the Samsung Smart Things Motion and Contact sensors, but they are not available right now... I understand that Aeotec will be producing them soon. I also really like the Inovelli motion sensors.

You will get a lot of options from the community. Welcome!

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  1. HSM is a good entry point, but many prefer to keep the alarm system separate from their automation.

  2. Arlo doesn’t directly integrate into HE, but you can use Alexa or IFTTT to arm/disarm (hub level) and receive motion events.

  3. HE dashboard meets the basic requirements but several options out there with their own pluses and minuses.

  4. No experience with them.

  5. There are several threads on this just do a keyword search and you’ll get weeks of reading.:sunglasses:

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I am a long time Kickstarter ST convert; last month!
I have tablets around the house and the dashboard (like ActionTiles without the polish) work just fine for device integration.
I have Blink cameras and they integrate now except the video streaming part. There is a thread you can check on that.
Just changing over all the Z-Wave to GE Enbrighten as ST handled polling for the older Z-Wave stuff but HE doesn't really have a solid answer except forcefull polling apps. I do haev to poll a few things Z-Wave + in WebCore but that's just due to fudging the DH (DTH) to make things work.
Everything is quite good "over here".
Never used HSM or the ST version as I have my own solution through WebCore.

To answer one small part of that..

I love sharptools. The difference it makes to my home system for, well, us... Is immense.

Takes a bit of dedication and thought to set up well though.

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Thanks for the information.

Thanks for the quick response....I am liking how active the community is.

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Thanks for your quick response.

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It is a very active community! Even Hubitat staff often participate and provide useful input!

For some dashboard ideas, see:

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