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Do the ikea outlets act as zigbee repeaters for all zigbee products or just Aqara? If just Aqara seems foolish to corner ones self into that one ecosystem, no?

The ikea outlets act as zigbee repeaters for all zigbee devices.

Some Zigbee repeaters play well with Xiaomi, while others do not. This is do to problems with Xiaomi not being filly compliant with the Zigbee HA 1.2 specification.

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As Dan says, they are certified, fully compatible with other devices as well as Xiaomi, which in their current lineup, not many are. TRÅDFRI are decent low cost repeaters, and they are Zigbee 3.0 to boot.

Yup. The Tradfri outlet and repeater might be a little ugly, but they work wonderfully.


At what distance is a repeater recommended? Every 25', 50', 100'? Do the Aqara sensors act as repeaters as well or not because battery operated?

I have about 1 repeater for every ~1.5 rooms in the house. It depends on wall materials, distance, number of zigbee end devices, etc...

Battery powered devices do not act as repeaters, as that will kill their battery life.


Advice from an expert

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Thanks. But how far is the zigbee range?

Tradfri are not the strongest so I would guesstimate 30 feet between devices. It’s a radio signal, so materials used in the building, environmental factors, interference, etc. It all plays a role.

It also depends on if you are using the Tradfri repeater, or the outlet. The outlet has much higher power output than the repeater.

I went ahead any just bought 8 of them and spaced them arouny 4k+ sqft house, since it was very easy for me to put them in out of the way locations anyway. Working wonderfully.


Good feedback

These are orvibo, pair as zigbee outlet:

I just installed one, so I can't make any comment about reliability, dependability, etc.

Could you later post an update about their use? And also if they work as repeaters for Xiaomi devices?

Just to add my experience of Zwave v Zigbee to what others have said. I initially had only Zwave plus devices when I first switched from Vera to Hubitat. I had a really bad time with them on my old Vera and while it did improve on Hubitat the range of them was still disappointing and maybe because of that I had a fair bit of unreliability.

If you read up about it Zigbee is meant to have a worse range than Zwave, but when Ikea introduce the Tradfri outlet I bought a few to test and found them at least as good as Zwave if not better.

Fast forward 6 months and I now have more Zigbee devices that Zwave and am gradually trying to phase out Zwave altogether. I find Zigbee faster in response times and easier to join (and can be rejoined easily if need be) and just generally an easier system. There is diagnostic data available on Hubitat too under Zigbee logs so you can see if any of your devices are struggling with signal. With Zwave you have no idea what is going on and why something isn't responding. Another advantage of Zigbee over Zwave for me in the UK is that all devices are the same worldwide, whereas Zwave has different frequencies for different zones.

As others have said you do have to be aware of frequency clashes with Wifi and Phillips Hue if you have it (Also a very good system btw) but once you have them set right there should be no issues.

I wouldn't buy another Zwave device now if there is an equivalent Zigbee one available.


I have to tell you that some have not had an easy time with these outlets, as per the following.
(As I said, I'm still experimenting, results to follow):

these are rubbish, I have 6 of them and they constantly fall off the mesh.


I have been using their Zigbee switch the ZB15S, now for a week or so. No issues. Hasn't fallen off the mesh (yet).
The only issue that I have with this switch is that the LED is on when the switch is on (which is the opposite of all my other switches). There doesn't seem to be a way to change that in the device menu. (Not a big deal).
I am assuming (here) that the switch and the outlet have exactly the same zigbee radio. (Of course, that's an assumption made by someone who has no real knowledge of the internals at all.)
I will keep my eyes out for any "falling off the mesh".

Can you tell me where you find sensors for $4? Everything I see are $20-$40.

Mostly looking for door/window sensors. Also looking for water leak sensors.

Is this the OUTLET you are referring to?

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Yes. That is the ugly, but cheap and well behaved, beast.

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