New to Hubitat and need help

Hi Everyone
I just got a new Hubitat c7 and seemed to set it up ok, but can someone please help me with how to discover WIFI devices like the shelly switches. when i try to add a device i only have options for Z-wave or Zigbee.
Yes i am new to the smart home world.
Any help would be great

Welcome to Habitat Elevation and the community!

I'd not have any Shelly devices, but I believe this is how you should connect them.

Create a Virtual Device. Choose the appropriate Shelly driver from the driver list. (Look for "She'll WiFi Switch" in the picture.)

The set the appropriate parameters. Click "Save".

I hope this gets you going. If you get stuck, come back and ask more questions. Starting a new topic for a new problem is best.


Thanks it seems to be working with that, i just have to lean the rest of it now.


Have fun!