New thread on thermostat wonkiness

I decided to start a new thread for all this, because my new issues were getting buried at the bottom of the old one about my thermostat that died.

The good news is that with the new thermostat, there is only one lingering issue- which is just sort of a first world problem. If I try to turn the fan on, I cannot do it from a dashboard tile. However, I can do it from the device page when logged on to the hub. I can set the fan back to auto mode from either screen. So in essence, the dashboard tile is not sending the 'on' command to the device in the hub, it appears.

My previous problem with the thermostat suddenly deciding my heating setpoint needs to be 62 degrees has gone away. Not really sure what caused that to happen, but it makes me happy.

Until I can get into rule machine and create a new tile just for turning the fan on, I guess I will have to get up off my ample tuchus and do it myself. :slight_smile:

It would be great to find a real fix for this. However, a workaround will do in a pinch.

What hub version are you running right now?

This is from the last public release version

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Thanks for the heads-up! I just updated it a day or two ago, but I'm apparently still on

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Yea.. These updates can come around frequently some times.. :wink:

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Unfortunately, that update did not fix it. :frowning:

Ok.. what driver and device are you using?

It's a Trane thermostat (I don't have the model at the moment). I'm using the generic Z-Wave thermostat device.

The thing that makes me think it is not the thermostat that is the problem, is that I can turn the fan on and off from the device page, but not the dashboard. That's really weird to me.

Try switching to the generic z-wave plus thermostat driver.. Then hit configure button in the device page.

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That seems to have done it! Thanks!

I didn't have it set to Z-Wave plus, because I am pretty sure the model I installed is not plus, but just regular Z-Wave. I guess something is broken in the regular Z-Wave driver, so the tile won't work on that specific command. Strange. I had been using that same driver with the previous thermostat from the same manufacturer, and it worked fine.

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