New templates for Tunable White bulbs?


New Hubitat user here. I've been setting up and experimenting with Hubitat and the Dashboards trying to get the feel for what it can do. It's a great system and I'm having fun (if not struggling sometimes) learning more about it. And, I have a request.

I have a number of Osram Tunable White A19 bulbs. To control the white level of the bulb I need to use the Color Bulb template in the Dashboard. But I think there would be some potential benefit to having separate Tunable White templates for this, Tunable White Bulb, and Color Temperature.

Tunable White bulb would still open settings like the color bulb, except all that would be in there would be 2 sliders, color temp and light level. Color Temperature template would just have the slider for the temp right on the tile, no need to open additional settings. In that case someone could have 2 tiles for the bulb, one as Bulb or Dimmer that would have the slider for level, and the Color Temp that would have a slider for the color temperature. No need to select the tile and use the popup, it would be visible and adjustable directly in the dashboard.

If I'm missing something obvious, or this just doesn't make sense chalk it up to being a little new here, but I hope others will find this useful, and it can be implemented sometime.


PS. There is something else that I noted that seems to be related to tunable white bulbs being grouped together with color bulbs. When creating some rules for these bulbs in addition to having a set of settings for the color temp there is another set for setting the overall device color. In the devices details the bulbs are recognized as Tunable White so I would guess that when setting up rules it would be possible to only offer settings for the bulbs capabilities. Not really an issue, but just something for the wish list.


I could use that too


I will third the request. The color bulb works but it would be nice to have a dedicated tunable white.


I agree. I have the sylvania + white tunable zigbee bulb and the compatability chart showed to use generic zigbee bulb, but that had no color temp features. So in Devices setting i found the Zigbee CT(dev) setting and that worked good. But as you have mentioned, in the dashboard there is no template for just color temp and brightness. That would be awesome to have added.

I am also a new user and just did a search on the forum regarding templates for tunable white bulbs. Could I also add to the request please.