New Tasmota device not seen by HE

I am having issues with the HE. I have a Tasmota configured device with a fixed IP Address.
In the HE Devices I add a new virtual device Override IP insert the device IP Address save it and the
HE doesn't' see it. Sometimes for hours. Leaving me unable to complete setting up and testing the device. Why isn't the HE taking so ling to see the new device?

I would suggest you use this app along with the associated version of Tasmota (not required, but will work better)

I have been using since it came out and never have any issues with my Tasmota devices.

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I am using
"Tasmota 8.3.1 by Theo Arends & for Hubitat by markus-li"
firmware on all my devices.

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Perfect. You have the right version of Tasmota - the one that was updated by Markus. He is the one who created the app for Hubitat.

Markus has been great. I had some problems with a Tuya switch and he helped me fix them. I have some ideas that I am going to post that I think will make the HE very robust.

Great idea! If you want him to see them, you will need to post at the other forum as he is no longer able to access this one.