New sign account Signin

I am a new user. I just tried to create an account. When I try to sign in, It goes to an all white page, and nothing. I can't go further.

But I can sign into the Hubitat Communtiy and post this.


You're talking about correct? What web browser are you using, maybe try another web browser?

It was firefox. Used chrome. I'm in.
I saw a youtube video of the first 3 apps to add. Any clue?

About what ??

It depends on what devices and automations you want to setup and how you intend to use your hub.

If you don't have devices yet I'd suggest starting with a few Z-Wave switches to build out your Z-Wave mesh network starting with a switch fairly close to the hub and working out from there. Also to build out your Zigbee mesh network I'd suggest getting a few smart plugs like Iris v2 from ebay or smartthings plugs or peanut plugs and start with one fairly close to the hub again and work out.

Then if you want to use the hub for security you'd want some open/close sensors most of these are zigbee but they make some z-wave as well I'd suggest getting ones that have temperature sensors as well so you can use something like Device Watchdog later to know if a device stops responding. Once you have some open/close sensors you can install the HSM Hubitat Security Manager and setup alerts to the Hubitat mobile app if a sensor gets opened when your system is armed.

Then you may want to look at the Mode Manager app to set modes based on your presence sensors (Hubitat mobile app on phones) you can then use those modes to automatically arm/disarm when you leave or arrive.

The Hubitat Simple Lighting can be used to turn on/off lights with doors opening or time of day.

The Motion Lighting app can be used to turn on lights when motion is detected and turn off the light after motion is no longer detected for some time.

There are many more builtin apps and even more community apps to choose from but these will likely get you started and give you a feel for the system.