New Shelly device - cannot rename child device

Hello all

Just installed my second Shelly Dimmer 2, and am trying to build groups and scenes.
I installed the first in a bedside table lamp, named it appropriately in Shelly, and in Hubitat. Added a second module to another table lamp for the living room. I set rooms for those and future devices, then began to set up groups and scenes.
I was at that point confused because when I go to select dimmers to include in the group, both installed dimmers have the same names - "My Shelly WiFi Dimmer Channel 1".
I go to the evice in question and see the correct parent name, then when I go to the child device the name is as stated, so II click in that field and try to rename it, but I cannot enter any text in that field!
Included instructions (Device Detail - Hubitat Documentation) indicate this is where one changes that information, but I cannot. No errors, just doesn't do anything.
Both dimmers do the same thing.

Update the field Device Label, this will override the Device Name.


While on that page, going back to the Parent device, at the top is the the "Commands" buttons, with two options - "Push" and "Release", both of which have fields for "Number:"

Not sure what these are to be used for or how to employ them. More help there too please?

@mike.maxwell , But when I try to type in that field I cannot even place the cursor there. I can highlight the existing text, but if I try to then overwrite it - nothing.
"Save device" just reloads the same page with the same problems

There is no text in the Device Label field, please select and edit that

I just noticed, when in the child device information page, if I hover over "Device Name" a small popup appears stating "This child device cannot be edited separately from its parent" But the parent name is clearly "Tiffany Lamp".

I went in as @mike.maxwell said and put a name in the "Device Label" field, but it is of no help. When I go to groups after making this change, all dimmers still show as "My Shelly WiFi Dimmer Channel 1". I have several more to configure, install and place into groups/scenes, but it won't be easy if they are all called the same thing!

OK, After renaming the Device Label and then going to groups again, even though I reloaded the page it does not refresh the devices!
I clicked on that button in the groups app page and VOILA!! the Tiffany lamp showed up!!

But then there's still this looming question...

Also if I understand correctly, a new child device needs to be created for other deployments of the parent device, E.G. If I want a slow-brighten at sunset, I need to create a child device to brighten the lamp over xx number of seconds (one child), and if I want the light to go on quickly for other purposes, I need to create another child?

Wow, what a concept - just create another child if the one you have doesn't meet your needs... Good thing my dad didn't know about this!! :rofl: :joy: :innocent:

BTW @mike.maxwell , thanks SOOOO much for your quick reply, I feel we will be dialoguing much in the near future!

did you click the "save device button" after editing the device label?

Yes did. Fixing the same issue on the other lamp now.

As to my question of other child devices for the same parent, doing different functions, is that what is the procedure, or is a child device created with each new "use instance" of a scene or group?

child devices hanging off of a parent are created by the parent device, and are not created by a scene or group app.

OK... Guess I have a bit to learn still. This is not the Insteon world I was used to!

So, creating a sunset slow-brighten scene, I see where "Scenes" app wants a button push, but I want a sunset time with -30 offset. I don't see that.

Edit - Wait a minute, I think there needs to be either integration of "Rules" or just use a rule only to call the devices, will look deeper into that.

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