New setup, iOS app crashes immediately

Setting up Hubitat for the first time, updated the hub (hardware v. C-7, software v. and downloaded the iOS app (v. 1.1.2).

When I launch the app after installing, I get the tips screens and then the app immediately crashes. Attempting to re-launch the app crashes immediately (launch screen to crash in a fraction of a second). Reinstalling the app lets me get the tips again, but just crashes.

Tried on an iPad (v. 1.1.2). Same results.

The devices show up in the hubitat web interface and show up when starting the app from starting a fresh install, but if I select an existing device, it... immediately crashes.


Current iOS app needs the Dashboard app to be installed on the hub to work properly, this is fixed on the next release (coming in a couple of days) in the mean time you can install Hubitat Dashboard from the apps section on the WebUI.

Download the Hubitat app