New Rule Machine not allowing multi button rules?

Hi all,

Couldn't find another thread on this, so let's see if I can describe my question properly. I just upgrade by hub and have installed the new RM. As I was creating a new set of rules for my pico remotes, I noticed that I can't seem to create independent button actions within the same rule. Is this normal?

In other words, in RM4.1, I was able to create one rule (let's call it 'Pico') which allowed me to assign up to 3 actions (pushed, held, released) to each of the 5 buttons on my Lutro Pico remotes. However, in the new RM module, it seems like I can add many triggers for the same set of actions, but not many separate trigger/action pairs. Based on what I can see, I'd have to create the equivalent of 15 separate "Rules" the new RM, to accomplish what I was doing with 1 rule in RM4.1.

If this isn't clear, lmk and I'll attempt to elaborate.

Here's one. :smiley: (No worries--I just remember replying here and knew what to search for.)

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Thanks for sharing that. It's definitely a bit of a pain, but based on the thread, I can understand the overall logic. I've managed to switch everything over to Button Controllers as I'm not really using any of the fancy conditions and variables which I set in RM the first time. So, this inconvenience actually gave me an opportunity to clean up and streamline my remote controllers.

I should note that there's no reason to move existing rules/button controllers, just that this is the path you'd want to take (since the old way is no longer available) for new ones. Glad you got something figured out in any case!

True. But I was adding some new devices and making changes anyway.

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