New Router Hub Not Communicating

I recently had to replace my router and now nothing can comunicate, find, or connect to my hub. I have looked at the support pages but, honestly, I don't under the technical answers everyone has given. I have tried to run the "find my hub" many times but its not found on either the app on my phone or my laptop pluged in with by LAN. If it helps I am still using the old app.

Does your Hubitat show up in your router's list of connected devices?

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There is nothing saying it is a Hubitat hub. There a couple of things that are just a string on letters and numbers.

That sounds like a MAC address -- your Hub's MAC address should be printed on a sticker on the bottom of the hub, so you could cross check against that.


EUREKA! I found it by mac address! So now I know my new IP. You, sir, are the man! Now let me see if I can figure it out from here

Now find how to set a reserved IP on your router and pick something outside the DHCP range for it. Then restart router and hub and should pick up the new IP.


What I've done is copy and paste the new IP into my browser and got right into my hub. Now I need to figure out how to get it working with Alexa again and on my phone.

Yes that is how you got in now, the IP could change at any time with DHCP, hence my suggestion to set a fixed reserved IP for the hub at the router. Then it will always get the same IP from DHCP.

Alexa should just work.
On your phone, take this chance to get the new app, select the same virtual device on your hub when prompted and it will start working.

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As Jeff alludes to above, your router should have a feature where you can reserve device IPs on it -- this is commonly called "DHCP reservation", but your router may call it something else (perhaps soemthing like "IP reservation" etc).

It is highly recomended to use this feature on your router for your Hubitat and any other smarthome devoces on your LAN. I have a DHCP reservation for every device in our house that is regularly connected.

Setting a DHCP reservation for your hub (and other devices) will ensure it gets the same IP address any time the router, hub, network etc reboots.

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OK, address reservation is done. Alexa suddenly started controlling everything when I went to the new IP on my laptop. The phone app also suddenly connected. My smart home is smart again!
Thanks, my dudes. I've been stressing about this since Saturday.