New "Room" feature

I like the new Rooms field and can see how this will be very useful to me in the future.

Two things I have noticed already which would be a great improvement.

1/ Can you get the Room carried across automatically via the Hub Mesh rather than have to reenter it.

2/ Although I can set a different room for all the components of a component device (and they remain set) They are not visible in the main device list. It would be useful if they were



What exactly do you mean? Which page/list?

These Child Devices have a field to enter the room name and it remains if I come out of and go back into the child screen but it doesn't show in the main device screen.

I hope this is a better explanation.

Just wanted to say I am enjoying the new Room view, thank you developers!



In current version, assigning a room to parent device does not assign it to children. Initially, only parent device could be assigned to a room; that changed a couple of minor revisions ago. Now that that is in place, assigning parent device to a room should perhaps also assign all of its children to the same room...

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Maybe only children with no room already assigned... and any new children created after the parent has been set could also take on the room of their parent....

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Please don't remove the ability to assign different rooms to child devices. I have many instances where child devices need to be assigned to different rooms even though they are from the same parent.

All I am trying to point out or suggest is that the room assigned to a child device should appear where I have circled in Red.

I agree with Inge_Jones the new Room View is fantastic and a great step forward.


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Exactly, I was only looking for a way to have the parents room provide some convenience, without removing the ability to assign a room to each child device.

It's nice to see that I am not the only one that prefixes devices with a 'Z' to bump them to the bottom of the list :+1:

I use $ prefix for security, _ or __ to also move them to the top. Might be unnecessary with Rooms (I hope.)

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I see you have implemented my suggestion in the latest release.

Thanks, Guys.