New Project: Wall mounted display using e-paper display

My project is to but together an e-paper display for a simple status center.
At the moment it will not have any touch buttons and I've not decided if the display end will be mains powered or battery.

I expect to have to write an app to read the various sensors to be displayed and sending them off to the display.

I would appreciate any thoughts / input others may have on some similar project, mostly the App. For me the hardware is quite basic.



Any reason why you dont just use an arduino module with wifi already on it to talk to hub using Hubduino? I interested in the e-paper displays, haven't messed with one yet.
My set-up is Hub <--> Arduino/ESP32/LoRa/OLED Display <--> Arduino/LoRa sensors.

I was thinking it might be easier to use an Android e-ink device… install fully kiosk browser and just feed the device a web page to display over wifi, like any of the dashboards or create your own http page to display.

The difficulty might be parsing the data from the hub to the arduino. Dont recall an existing app that goes that direction with data locally.

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I've used Hubduino and has success. But then I found the cc2530 zigbee modules they are super solid ( I currently have 3 running in sensors). I like the fact that I don't have to go through my router, and they act as repeaters.

I'll have to look for such an animal. It might be an alternative :slight_smile: Thanks

UPDATE: I looked at the Android e-Ink tablets. All the ones I've found are larger than I envisioned. But they have touch screens. I'll keep in mind.