(New Product) is this the new king of Garage Door openers?

So I just stumbled on this new device. It appears to be almost identical to the Mhcozy momentary switch but this also incorporates 433mhz RF. This would make an ideal garage door opener as the RF doesn't need to connect to any network, yet it still has ZigBee so it can be connected to HE. Thoughts?

Oops forgot link
Newgoal Tuya Zigbee 1 Channel Smart Relay Module USB5V 7-32V Micro Switch with 433MHz RF Remote Control Light Switch Compatible with Alexa Google Home (Requires ZigBee Hub) https://a.co/d/7grGlBJ


Looks interesting. The only thing I'm not sure about, don't garage doors (or newer garage doors) have rolling codes that change. Would this work with that setup?

I just took one of the extra remotes I had and soldered the zooz relay to it. Does pretty much the same thing and has been working nicely for a while now. The best part is that the entire setup sits inside the house so I didn't have to put anything in the garage.

FYI - so does the MHCOZY relay. I make use of a 433MHz button in one of my two installs.


How did I not know that. Any idea how to pair a 433 remote to it in Hubitat.

Pairs directly at the device. Just like the Tuya one you linked to. There's a pairing button on the device itself. Press that, and then press the remote button a few times. Voila - it's paired.


Nice! Thank you. Now I gotta find some cheap buttons

Your controlling the switch not the garage door opener . In essence it's more like pushing the physical wired button


It will not pair with rolling code remote controls. I have tried and it does not work.
On the other hand, it paired successfully with a EV1527 remote.

I hope I didn't screw up I bought these.

433.92 Mhz Remote for Gate, Remote Control Key Fob, 4pcs 4 Buttons Universal Cloning Wireless Remote Control Key Fob 433mhz for Car Garage Door Gate Skylight https://a.co/d/elmWeGG

Those will probably work.

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