New Phone woes

Hi all, long time user but I don't frequent the forums much anymore and my system works pretty good. Anyway - I got a new phone and I'm having an issue. Namely zero notifications.

I did the following - mobile app settings/select hub/selected hub/ and clicked on the device I'm replacing. Still no notifications. I went to the phone device in the device list which does list in the activity log the missing notifications. typing in the device notification does not send a notification, but it lists it in the activity log.

I attempted to set up a new device from the same menu. when I click new device, nothing happens and no new mobile device is created in my device list when looking in web view.

If I go to tools in the mobile app and click on notifications I get the following error "DeviceID XXXXXX not registered to email address XXXXXX" so I'm guessing that is where my problem is.

I've tried logging out and in on the mobile app, which works fine and I can control all my dashboards.

What am I doing wrong? my forum searches aren't coming up with anything that isn't listed above, thanks

Log out of the app. DElete the old phone(s) on hubitat. Log back in, it will ask you to create a new device. Once done go to your notifications and update them to point at the new device. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Guess I'll give that a go. Just seems like there should be a better way than having to go in to 30+ apps to change the notification?

Log out, then log in. A new phone will be added. Go to Settings and choose Swap Apps Device. Follow directions. Delete the old device. No need to change in 30+ apps.

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I should have mentioned the swap app device, sorry. @greg Will take about 10 seconds to fix all your notification rules.

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That swap app looks great!

However, if I delete the existing phone, won't that mean I can't use the swap app?

Either way, right now, clicking on "new device" after selecting my hub in the app is not creating a new device for me. I'm assuming because of that error I mentioned

Don’t delete the existing phone until after. Add the new phone, use swap app, then delete old phone.


You do NOT need to delete the existing phone device on your hub. Once you finally sort out your hub’s cloud connection issues, you should be able to log into the Hubitat Mobile App on your phone, select your hub, and then select the existing mobile phone device on your hub. This will link the app on your phone with the device on your hub. This is exactly how the Hubitat Mobile App was designed to be used when a user changes phones.

Solve the other issue you’re experiencing and the normal procedure should work just fine. I have used this process at least 4 times over the years, as my wife and I have gotten new phones.


any suggestion on that issue? Why do you think it is a cloud connection issue?

Nothing right off the top of my head.

You mentioned earlier in the thread some sort of error message about device not registered to an email address, or some such. To me, that sounds like the Hubitat Cloud account that your Hub is using, may be different somehow than what the mobile phone app is using... but that is just a guess.

You may want to reach out directly to @bobbyD from Hubitat Support to see if he can assist you in figuring out what is going on.

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The device is not bound to the phone. If you change phones, when you log into the Mobile app on the new phone simply select the same device you used before, and that should be all you need to do. You may want to uninstall the Mobile app on your new phone and then re-install and pick the same device (assuming you didn't already remove the old device).

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reinstalling the app is what fixed it. I had tried logging out and in, and picking the existing device, but that wasn't enough apparently. Thanks everyone for the help. especially telling me about the swap device app, I can see myself using that in the future.