New Philips Hue Dimmer Switch

What is a cheap repeater? They do seem to reach directly but I've added Sylvania (Osram) switches as exenders just in case. This one reason I don't like Zigbee/Zwave-- each family of devices needs its own network.

Experimenting some more, beyond the annoying toggle, held and released seem to only work for buttons 2 and 3.

When will people learn to avoid toggles. The work if there is only one device and you can see the current state. They don't work beyond the trivial case. Oh well ... it was fun trying to use them.

Those things do not like to connect directly to the hub. Well at least not for me. I had numerous issues when I first put them in. After adding repeaters I haven't had a single drop-off. I have some older Smartthings(Centralite) plugs and Ikea Tradfri plugs and they always connect through one or the other. I have a dimmer that has line of sight to the hub and is about 38" away and it connects via the plugs. One of which is in another room. Only 2 and 3 support held for buttons. I use toggle on all of mine for every button. Each button toggles different lights, fans and scenes.

Edit: My bad, I wasn't paying attention. I have the older model.

You have to remember that Hue designed this remote to work with their system primarily. The toggle doesn't both me too much as I just set my code to toggle on either button. If a driver can provide access to the fourth button, which also supports a held command, then I'm more than happy with the product.

Regarding repeaters, I use these for all of my outlet switched devices, and have a fair number of Hue bulbs (attached to the HE).

Thanks. I have Y:\dev\homecontrol\Others\Hubitat\apps\devlisten\node_modules@bobfrankston\rmfc\index.ts

Yours are slightly better priced but I presume they're similar

The driver for the new dimmer switch version will be in platform 2.2.8



I just tested and turns out that the batteries are very weak. I wonder how many years the switches spent on the shelves.

How amazing!! Thanks! Can't wait! :slight_smile: :partying_face:

Hubitat newbie here. I can't find 'Advanced Button Controller' in apps. Just 'Button Controller' And have problem with only one button showing for Hue Dimmer Switch.

It is a great community created app by @stephack. I use it for all of my button controller-based automations.

Earlier is this thread, @mike.maxwell mentioned that proper support for the new model of the Hue dimmer switch is coming in the next Hubitat platform release, v2.2.8.

P.S. Welcome to Hubitat!

Mike, I take it the hue button is something odd the hub can't interpret? It looks like the new driver is still only reporting 1 button (which doesn't matter so much), and the only visible difference is the update firmware option. Is that correct?

did you run configure on the device after changing to the new driver?

I'm honestly not sure what to do there other than click the Configure button and press the buttons on the device. Should I be power cycling?

if it's still not working after that, then factory reset the device (do not delete it from hubitat), then re-include it.
This will re initialize the device without loosing any application references that use it.

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All my Philips switches have died or at least show red rather than connecting. DO they work well for others? They did shortly after I deployed and tested them and put in fresh batteries. I've had mine running since making this post without issue. Getting them to pair originally was a challenge, but no complaints since then.

Definitely not the most reliable. Really depends on what repeaters you have. Try holding all 4 buttons down and see if they rejoin. I’ve moved most of mine back to my Hue bridges where it wasn’t too inconvenient to do so.

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I tried all 4 and saw a flicker of green and then red again. Oh well, it is a nice industrial design which, alas, doesn't translate into system design.

Mine have been working for several months. Planning to add several more. Would be nice if the native multi push functionally worked in Hubitat