New Philips Hue Dimmer Switch

I managed to snag a couple of these before the sold out and got them paired today. Unlike the previous model, this one includes generic power button and a new hue scene controller button.

As far as behavior goes, using the built-in Philips Dimmer Button Controller driver, the generic power button cycles between a button 1 and button 4 push, the middle two buttons still support pushes and holds, and unfortunately the driver doesn't recognize whatever is happening on the hue scene controller button.

Really excited to integrate these into my bedside lamps as being able to toggle my night and morning scenes from my bed without using a dashboard is very appealing. Just need a driver update.

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I don't have one of these and you'd probably need someone on staff who does to really create a new driver or update the existing one, but until that happens, there may be some hope: do you see anything if you turn on "Enable debug logging" and press the bottom/scene button? If it's a unique event on the Zigbee side (and I'd imagine it is--but the question is whether it will show up without additional configuration), it might be as easy as staff adding whatever this new button event is and consolidating buttons "1" and "4" into the same number (apparently the Dimmer tracks something internally there now--I suppose not too surprising given that they can also be used directly with bulbs and it would need to know how to toggle them).

I wondered about that. I don't see anything on debug using a push or a hold on the hue button in the debug logs. Nothing is showing up on the Zigbee logs either when I hit the hue button, but I wasn't sure how those logs interact with the driver considering how minimal the information presented is.

I'm going to see if I can gain any clues by pairing it with my hue hub (and maybe get a firmware update along the way). The instructions available in PDF and print do not clear up anything at all about the hue button.

Seems very capable once the driver support is there. The power switch supports a push and hold, and it appears the hue button is a simple push.

Looks like those switches are ZLL, not ZHA, so I think that could affect compatibility with HE

Has anyone had any look yet with this? They are fantastic switches, but I'm migrating mine across to Hubitat because my Hue bridge is getting pretty full and replicating their functionality in Hubitat (as they can control Hue lights through Hubitat). However, I have two problems:

  1. It automatically selected the Hue Smart Button as a driver when I paired it with Hubitat, and even though I have changed the driver to "Philips Dimmer Button Controller" it still says that the device only has one button (it registers the pushes of buttons 1, 2, and 3 though)

  2. But it doesn't recognise button 4 (the Hue button) at all!! :confused:

Update: it registers the first three buttons on the device page, but in RM when trying to trigger the rule with this as a button controller then it only registers one single button....

Might try switching the driver to the "Device" driver and clearing all states, and then switch it back to the correct driver and hit configure.

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I use Advanced Button Controller and have access to the buttons that register in the logs, but I had to override the default button count. This thing really needs a proper driver.

The turn-on on-release is there to resolve some issues I was seeing with the on/off state of the Hue bulbs I'm controlling not being known. I use my bedside lamps as sunrise alarms and needed to know if they were already on before I set their dimness values.

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Is this seen in the Hue app as the same device as the original model?, or a new device?
Also, can someone post the fingerprint for it?

In any event I ordered one, we'll see what happens.


That's amazing, thrilled that you guys are looking into it!

In the Hue app when you pair it, it shows you a picture of the Hue button and asks you whether your device has that picture on it - if no, then it takes you to the old dimmer, if yes, it configures it for the new dimmer.

By the way: my own story for trying to transition all my Hue buttons to Hubitat is that the Hue bridge is extremely limited. My flat only has Hue lights, and all my normal light switches (in the wall) have been replaced with Friends of Hue switches (that use EnOcean). In addition, I have various Hue dimmer switches and smart buttons around the appartment doing different rooms, scenes, groups etc, or also doing single lights (important for SAF! ) :wink: - My Hue Bridge is maxed out and they don't seem to have any plans to make a better one. So I figured: moving all my battery-powered Hue buttons to Hubitat means I free up Hue bridge capacity; AND, gives me more flexibility as I can simultaneously add other (non-Hue) devices to the mix, such as the Zigbee plug that my TV is plugged in to, etc.
This is working really well with the old dimmer switch as well as the smart button, but am now running into trouble moving the new dimmer switch across.... So I am thrilled that this is being looked at. Thank you!

I'm unsure what that means - but if you let me know how, I'd be happy to help!

Thanks, now that I have one on order, I'll know soon enough what this device is all about.

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FWIW from the generic device toolbox driver:

model:"RWL022", manufacturer:"Signify Netherlands B.V.", profileId:"0104", endpointId:"01", inClusters:"null", outClusters:"null", application:"02"

Thanks, so yeah it's a new model number.

I just got the new Dimmer and, with the Maker API I only see button 1 messages, no others. On the positive side, I can also get a held message in addition to pushed -- I haven't seen that before.

I realize that Philips is adding all sorts of smarts when I just want a simple controller so I don't know how they've change the API but it would be great for the suppor to be updated.

Are you using the Philips Dimmer Button Controller driver?

It is a different one in the Hue app. I haven’t tried one yet, I just know from a couple older ones I re paired to Hue. I had to choose which switch it was.

I've set up a few of the older ones so just did the same discovery process with the default drivers. Apparently, it did find a different driver for switch 7. Is that the correct driver?


The automatic driver assignment isn't always right. Switch it over to the Philips driver.

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