New owner with Smartthings

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Welcome to Hubitat!

You can use an Alexa Routine (even if you don't use Amazon Echo devices) to like Ring with Hubitat. Just use the Ring Skill to integrate the doorbell with Alexa. Use the Ring Motion and Doorbell Presses as Triggers for Alexa Routines. Within the Alexa Routine, turn on a Hubitat Virtual Switch (be sure to enable the auto-off feature on the virt switch.) Now use that virtual switch as a trigger for any Hubitat automations you desire.

I have used this technique for ~2 years now, and it works reliably and quickly. Much, much faster than using IFTTT.


Your mileage may vary.

It really depends on how much you pile on. At first I made my poor litle C-4 run all my devices, all my dashboards, all my apps and rules, plus all the community app I wanted to run for dashes and other stat tracking.

Did my hub slow down? Yes

Do I blame it? No

Now I have two one for devices, one for custom app/dashes, and most my rules run via NR. Once the dust settles and a grab a C-7, make the switch, not sure how I will divey up the task yet.

In the end I think it is all about how you utilize your resources, much like everything else.


So been having fun with this, moving stuff across from ST bit by bit, sorting out snags as I go. All pretty good so far. I think I may have to keep the ST on in the lng run for various legacy reasons, but happy so far.

The main problem I've had is that I'm using HubConnect to link the ST to the HE, and HE can see the ST devices etc all fine and dandy, but I can't see any HE devices in ST? I've selected these in the HE app and have the ST app installed by I can't see an HE devices in ST, am I missing a step? I did a search on the forums and couldn't see anyone else with this issue so I must be doing something dumb!


I guess that is possible but I have never tried it. I control everything with HE. My ST hub basically just relays commands form my HE system to the few devices I have left on there.

You might wanna try posting in the HubConnect thread. I'm sure @csteele can help get you working right.

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On this note, I'm not familiar with ST's Ring integrations, but there are various routes to interface with Ring Camera's and Ring Alarm.

Ranging from using Alexa Skills and a Virtual Switche, to IFTTT motion triggers and direct (local) websocket connections to Ring Alarm.
(I've gone the 2nd route as I also have Ring Alarm and the unofficial community integration is fantastic)

Once you get there, probably worth a thread just about that, as it is all very powerful.

Welcome to HE!

I am in the same boat. ST for years, now with Echo Speaks, my Hubitat hub will be here on Monday. Excited to learn and understand Hubitat!


I've made some real newbie clangers which means I've had to redo some things but can't say I regret it so far. You definitely need to make sure you do your research for some stuff, there's not really a single point of all info you need.

Part way through the journey now and all good. Well worth the effort.

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It was all going so well, maybe too well...

Woke up this morning, nothing working, no response from hub so can’t look at logs or do anything,

Hub has green light on.

Can’t think what to do except cycle the power, so I pull the plug.

Hub reboots, goes from blue to green, but no change. Can’t access the hub, nothing works, and although it’s green I can’t see it on the network.

Any clues? I’ve seen a lot of stuff about safe reboots but can you do this without access the UI?

Thinking I may have to revert to ST as although this may be something daft I’ve done if you can’t get the system back that’s a problem, partly because I’m highly likely to do something draft again!

All other devices are ok and visible on the network, ST, Hue, Harmony. And even if it was a network issue stuff should still work?

So I've rebooted and moved to a different network connection and got it working, so it must have been the network I guess? A bit worrying that nothing works if it loses it's connection, that can't be right? I mean I guess Hue etc won't work, but I thought the other stuff (Zigbee etc) should work?

Zigbee and Zwave will continue to work without a network assuming they aren't relying on some cloud piece for functionality in your rules.

Before pulling the power on the hub, please try to access it via its Diagnostics Web Page at http://[yourHubIP]:8081

This is the safest way to manage the hub if it is not responding at http://[yourHubIP].

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I could even see it on the network, so that was impossible.

Am I correct in thinking that except the network devices and interfaces, everything should keep working even if it loses the network connection? That's one of the things that attracted me to it over ST.

As long as the hub doesn't reboot while disconnected from the network - yes, it should all keep working.

If it reboots with no network connection then the time will be incorrect (there is no internal Real Time Clock, so it has to get the current time on every reboot), so anything relying on time will not work as expected. Which is reason 1 that you should have the hub on a UPS (if it is not already).

As mentioned, pulling the power without doing a graceful shutdown runs a high risk of corrupting the internal database. That is reason 2 to have the hub on a UPS (if it is not already).

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It's a shame it doesn't have a 'reset' button for a graceful reboot. If you can't access the UI you're stuffed and can only pull the plug. For the price of a push-button that seems a bit short sighted.

I would imagine that the scenarios where you don't have access to it over the network, and need to boot it right then, are pretty few.

But yes, it would be nice if there were a way to gracefully shut it down from the hardware.

If you lose contact with the hub after a reboot your router (or other DHCP source) may have assigned a new IP address. There is a Find Hubs function on the page. I use the Fing app on my phone.


I'd also assign an IP in your router to the hub so it doesn't change later.


Absolutely true. All my servers, printers, etc have assigned addresses. I was just trying to give him the least amount of information to get back on track.