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Iv kinda got away from forums since so much help has been given and just started adding switches. All work fine except the 3/4 way ones which are paired with dimmable and non dimmable enbrite switches. Tried to put them in a scene still not working, so I just ordered same switches to test. Other question I have is with rules... So in the isy it was preferred to say if this then that, then create a new rule from this time to this time and another rule if this turns on turn that on. So and so forth. So even though I could add a run on scene with 10 actions they advised to separate each one. Is there a preferred method in hubitat or can I keep adding rules till program is complete? or add new rules for every change.

If I understand your question, you are wondering if it’s okay to create a complexe rule that does a bunch of things that you want to happen.

The simpler you make your rules, the easier it will be later on to figure out what you did and why. Also, if you make complexe rules, and it stops working for some reason, it will be more difficult to figure out the problem.

My recommendation would be to make many small and simple rules rather than one very complexe one.

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So a motion to turn on, then another rule motion turn on after 10pm to 5am at 50% and another rule if between 6am and 8am turn on to 75% those should be all separate rule vs just keep adding them? This single rule is what im used to not complex add ons. From experience it was allways better to add single rules rather then let them run on. Kinda makes sense as t/s would be easier but with the new platform was unsure if I needed the extra steps or how it would react to logic of it. In theory and/if is set in stone but a continuous program may add unforeseen issues where the logic with my isy which im 3 switches from powering it off completely is create a program that if this happens run this other program or several programs based on desired outcome. On a side note Iv asked this in other forums does anyone know of a 8 or 6 button switch that works with z-wave? I dont want to add another hub or link stuff. Insteon had a great switch that worked very we for my intentions.

As @Sebastien said, creating more simpler rules is waaayyy better than a complex one. I was recently working on a routine to open and close my blinds based on the exterior illumination level. It was getting terribly complex, and it still wasn't working as I wanted. I finally tossed it out and started making simple rules. I had it working in no time.

Here is the key to complexity level, only include the complexity that is essential to making one decision. In my case, I boiled it down to three rules for each set of blinds: "Is it light enough to open?", "Is it dark enough to close the blinds?", and "Open or close the blinds based on a call from the other two rules." Reduced to its simplest terms by these three rules, even the logic in the resulting rules turned out to be very simplistic.

The only Z-Wave multi-button device I know of with more than 5 buttons is the Trane (formerly Nexia) NX1000. It has 5 buttons each with a customizable display. There are three pages of functions (five buttons each) giving 15 total buttons. It does not have an internal relay to control a load. It is a button controller ONLY.

One Touch Z-Wave® Scene Controller – Trane Home / American Standard Home (


My master bath has a couple of rules. From 5am-sunrise you enter, lights slowly dim up over a 10 minute period to 100.

From Sunrise-10pm they simply come on

From 10pm-sunrise only the nightlight across from the toilet comes on in blue at %30 percent. (Enough that I do hit the wall when going to the bathroom and keeping the SAF high.)

While I could have incorporated all that into one rule, it was largely unnecessary.

As said, the simpler the better. Another thing is to create a summary of what your rule does in the notes section just to keep track of what is doing what.

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I have gotten a bit more a custom to habitat where linking devices, working with various apps, and getting things to work my way was a huge challenge to overcome the way isy did things and I mastered over 10 years. Im exploring a bit more complex program, not sure this is where I could post it. well I have a few but Ill start with one. My bathroom has 3 switches vanity, fan and shower. Surprisingly I wrote a program to turn vanity and fan if motion is detected and turnoff if none after 3 min. So I tried my luck a bit further. Thinking I mastered this. I have 2 hallway lights that do not need to be on during the day, plenty of lights. 1 hour before sunset I like them to turn on full bright till 1030 pm for 3min but after 1030 id like them to turn on at 50% until sunrise +60 min. Then at sunrise +60 min not turn on until sunset again. I got stumped because I didnt see options to write this or I dont know how. Maybe this is not considered a simple rule. I do have more complex ideas so what part of forum do I go to post questions? I want to basically integrate my whole house. From harmoney hub to cameras to kevo lock to magic home led lights if all supported. So where should I post my questions.

This is the spot to ask questions! You can do a post per issue, or continue to ask on this one - whatever works best for you.

In the situation you describe, I think Basic Rules should work. You can do one per situation with restrictions that limit when they will run.

If a rule doesn’t work, just post a screenshot showing what you’ve done while explaining what you are looking to achieve.

Creating a new post in the Get Help category is a good start.

Hubitat has a delivered app you can install called Motion Lighting that makes what you’re describing extremely simple.

That’s what I used to do exactly what you outlined. You can enable the Use By Mode Settings in any Motion Lighting rule to change the lighting brightness or color for each mode you select. There are a LOT of options in the app. Explore them and ask questions when you get stumped or feel lost.

Thanks to all. I do have another question since im 48 devices deep. 3 way switches in insteon did not have to have a load hooked up or travelers. You simply add them to a scene and all 3 or 4 in my case would change status. I ordered zooz dimmer switches good price point and dimmer as well as looked similar to the ge endbrite dimmer which is installed as the load for my 4 way switch. Zooz requires travelers which coming from insteon I didt need so I took them out and capped them but if I have to Id need a electrician $$$ to rewire them. I was having issues getting non dimmable switches to work or the blue light if on, which I like a especially at night. So to get to the point will 3 new endbright switches function as one, without traveler or load, if there all dimmer switches, and will the status light change on all 3 if 1 is pressed? If not what options do I have.

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