New One ZW97M Outdoor Double Plug

I picked this up from Amazon for $24. It adds as a Zooz ZEN14, but the switches don't reliably report state. I've tried a handful of drivers with differing results. Is anyone using this device? If so, which driver are you using with it? Thanks.

Try my ZEN14 driver if you have not already: [DRIVER] Zooz Smart Plugs Advanced (ZEN04, ZEN05, ZEN14, ZEN15, ZEN20, ZEN25)

If its not reporting state back is this when you switch it from the hub or manually on the device?

My driver works on a different single channel New One plug, so I am sure we can get it working for yours one way or another.

Also, do you have any docs showing the parameters for this device? I am having a hard time finding anything online.

It's a ZW97M, which is the same device as the Zooz ZEN!4.

Yeah its a clone, they don't always have the same settings.

Does it work with my driver?

White label products don’t always have the same firmware, and I’m certain that’s the case in this instance.

I haven't tried it yet. I had a ghost device that I think might have been causing my issue. Right now I'm using the default driver and it seems to be working. I'll test yours today and report back.

Sorry it took me so long to report back. The on / off functions work as expected, but it will not reliably update state when controlled via webCoRE piston. Device model shows as UNK00. Warning shows Unsupported Device Model - USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!.

Test from the device page, not webcore. It should either report state back all the time of never. If it is unreliable" that points to a z-wave mesh issue not a device or driver issue.

Turn on debug logging and post a screenshot of the logs.

Considering the driver is not made for that exact device, that is normal.


After a little more investigating, I think you might be right. Something changed with the Z-Wave mesh, but I haven't determined what as of yet.

I'm thinking of adding a second hub in the shed to help with coverage to the devices in the shed and this one plug that is in the back of the yard. Is it as simple as re-pairing the devices to the new hub directly and toggling "hub mesh enabled" on the device page?

Yes you would exclude from main hub then include to new hub.
When you exclude the device will be deleted, so any automations maybe broken. There are some creative ways around this like using swap apps with a virtual device.

For Hub Mesh I am not sure, I have not used it. But the way people talk about it, it seems pretty easy.