New one for me on Securely pairing

So moving my one be469p from my c5 to my c7. Already shut down my c5 while pairing (have excluded it from my c5 as well as done a factory reset)

During pairing I get the following


then I click ok and it wants


I have no idea what first 5 digits on the label it wants. I've tried the serial number as well as the secondary number. Nothing I try seems to work.

Even if I pick s0 unauthenticated it immediately stops the lock from pairing.

Not sure what to do from here. Any help appreciated.

Note: I'm pairing the lock withing a foot of the hub...

Been there. The DSK is on the door plate on the inside of the door. Itโ€™s also on a sticker on the manual cover. If you donโ€™t have the manual, you will have to remove the inside module from the door (two screws, one in the middle of the module, another at the top inside the battery cover). First 5 digits are whatโ€™s needed. The first 5 digits are also shown enlarged inside the rectangle. Here is screenshot from the Schlage website.

DOH!!!!!! didn't even think of that. Checked the plate and sure enough the code is there

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