New mobile phone not getting notifications

OK, so I have been pulling my hair out trying to get my notifications to work on my new phone. I have done the following:

Signed into the HE iOS app and chose the Existing device in the list. Tested and not getting notifications so I then signed out and taped on create a new device. I logged into HE via my laptop and can see the new device. I then went into all my rules that have notifications for the old device and unchecked the old device and checked the new device. After I was done, I removed the old device from the device list. I tested one of my rule notifications and I did NOT receive a notification. I did check on the iOS device and verified that my notifications are set immediately to the HE app notifications.

Am I missing something else to do? I welcome any feedback.

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log out on your phone app. Delete ALL mobile devices first. Log in to your mobile app and let it create the device. Test device by typing something in the Device notification box on that device's page and click it. You should receive a popup on your phone. Once you've confirmed it set that device as your notification device and test it with the rule

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Thanks for the reply!

So I tried what you suggested but no luck. The Device Notification works every time with no problems. I modified one rule adding my new device and strangely worked the first time but never again. I tried adding my device to a different rule notification and that one didn't work at all.

I just updated my HE C-7 to and have the same result. Also my rules are the older Rules Machine Legacy 4.0/4.1. I am thinking I may try to recreate one of the rules using the new Rules Machine and see if I have better luck.

I had lots of problems with notifications (Android)
Started using Pushover instead.
Never looked back


Pushover might be a better option for you. It also has native integration.

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