New Memory Leak in last 3 months

Hello all,

I have a C-7 running An update some time in the last few months (I want to say mid-130s) introduced a memory leak and now every week or so the hub reports being low on memory.

I’m at a loss for how to diagnose what is going on. I made zero changes other than updating the firmware before seeing OOM errors, and it ran without issue for about two years prior to that.

Is there any tooling available I can use to isolate the problem? Thanks!

You can always roll back to the previous version.

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Do a soft rest. I had something similar a month ago and after I did a soft rest and restore it was resolved. This fixes any database correction that could be causing your issue.

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First thig to do is to go to Settings > Backups
Download a local backup and then restore it right away (this will also do a soft reset as part of the restore).

Monitor it after this, there is a good chance this will fix it.

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