New member on the hub?

I do not know if it is the right topic I have vamg
I have a hubitat C7 running, and have finally persuaded my wife to jump on games
However, I can't get her into the hub, so she too receives messages when the alarm is disconnected, for example.
She is invited, and come in, and done tin admin, but I can not find her Ine in apps when I need to make a rule, eg. I can only find in my own cell phone in there. What am I missing?

Did you install the Hubitat app on her phone?

When you sign into the app using her email and password, it should ask you to "create a new device" or connect to an existing one (it's been a while so excuse my wording). You need to make sure you "create a new device" in order for her phone to show up as a device in HE.

If you don't have the app install it. If you do, log out and log back in as her and create a device when prompted.

With that said, I had the same issue adding my wife at first. To fix it I had to delete the app from her phone. Deleted her user from HE. Reboot hub and phone. Start again by creating the user, then installing the app, log in as said user, and creating the device when asked.

Hope this helps.

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The app is installed on her mobile and she is created as a user.

Thank you very much, I'll try that.

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