New MagicHome Thread

Evening everyone.

Had the plan of using LED lights under my bed to offer night light if my wife or I have to get up in the middle of the night. As this will be my first venture into this avenue, wasn't sure what I was looking for. So ordered up a long enough run and it arrived today.

As I"m connecting things to test, I learned has an app for my phone called MagicHome. After seeing some lights flash, came straight to my HE support looking for HE integration.

I did find the post from AdamK who wrote drivers, which are great, but not sure if I'm missing something.

HPM doesn't recognize, but when I add my own drivers manually, either import of copy and paste, attempting to save presents with the following error.

Which is preventing it from saving.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

You must install the "MagicHome Manager" as an App code, not as a new driver.

Ok, got, I got fixated on the title including "driver"..

Thank you

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