New Lifx integration not functioning properly

Hi Folks.

I updated to the latest version of hubitat and saw there was a native lifx integration. I went ahead and set it up and the status of each of my lights shows up. However if you actually try to change a setting such as just turning on or off the light the logs throw an error and it doesn't actually operate on the device. However if you then wait about 5 seconds and send the command again it works sometimes which is strange.

Now the part that is really failing is using the lights in rule machine. The commands show that they are being sent however nothing happens at all.

Snips of the log when I try and turn on one of the lights

[dev:289](https://myURL/logs#dev289)2021-11-25 15:10:08.749 [debug](https://myURL/device/edit/289)LightState(hue: 24064, saturation: 0, brightness: 65535, kelvin: 9000, power: 0, label: Monitor)

[dev:289](https://myURL/logs#dev289)2021-11-25 15:10:08.744 [debug](https://myURL/device/edit/289)parse:lifx device: D073D543F9700000, command: 107, payload: 005E0000FFFF2823000000004D6F6E69746F72000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000, isBroadcast: false

[dev:289](https://myURL/logs#dev289)2021-11-25 15:10:08.021 [debug](https://myURL/device/edit/289)Unhandled Command: StateLightPower(level: 0)

For reference as well I added the lifx lights to my home assistant instance as well and there is zero delay as well as they work everytime I change a setting.