New issue with Schlage Z-Wave lock

I'm having problems with my lock lately and it has the latest firmware, Schlage 469, I seen a lot of my dashboard with unlocked but the lock is locked...

I have also had some false status reports on my schlage 469 that I haven't seen in the past.

@craigspree How do I check to see what version it is?

There is a sticker on the actual lock but you will have to take it off the door to see it. It's not hard to take off, as you probably recall, just a couple of screws.

@cj_rezz and from what I read 5.8 or lower is bad...

I don't know what the cutoff is but I have read the earlier version firmware have been tougher. However my locks are both newer firmwares and I still have false statuses periodically.

Firmware says

FW Version 0.8.0

Sorry @basic261, I'm not experienced enough to say this this firmware is good bad or indifferent or why your're having issues. One of my locks is firmware 0.10.x and it's also reporting false statuses on rare occasions, so I'm curious to watch this topic and hope there is a fix found.

I just chimed in because I knew where to find the firmware version so I thought i could at least contribute that!

I assume you have tried a zwave repair and reboot the hub?
I added GE Jasco 26931 Zwave plus motion switched next to my Schlage door locks and have not had any issues since.

@NoWon. Yes Z-Wave repair. I even shut down my hub for an hour. Seems like when I first fire back up the hub, everything works perfectly including the lock (for awhile) then after a few hours lock starts acting up again.

You could try disconnecting the battery then pushing and holding the outside "Schlage" at the top of the number pad for 10 seconds (not sure if you have to keep holding the Schlage) then hook up the battery again.

Also worth saying is I believe rechargeable batteries don't work well. For troubleshooting purposes maybe not using rechargeable batteries, if you are, would be a good step.

This is the same tired story that the Hubitat can’t properly support this lock. Need extenders. Need z wave plus. A lot of hand waving but the bottom line is, from someone who came from Wink 1 and Wink 2, it had no problems with that platform. Everything else is much better being local except this particular lock.


I have not had any issues for a long time.
One lock I did hardwire power the other is still on rechargeable batteries but is on the garage door so not as cold. I will hardwire it eventually.

I will argue that some aspects work better with hubitat than did with wink: lock codes add almost instantaneously for me and aren't lost in the process like regularly happened with wink for me. Locking and unlocking commands happen almost instantly vs the delay on wink. I can unlock the door through Google home by voice which I couldn't do with wink.

But it definitely makes me feel uneasy when I see a locked or unlocked status and don't know whether to trust that status or not.

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I should have added though I have not had any issues for awhile I would not buy the zwave version again I would prefer the zigbee version.

I’m still on 2.1.3 because z-wave locks shit the bed every time I tried upgrading.

Not sure I’m brave enough to try 2.1.5.

I was so close. I wasn't going to say anything because that would jinx this. however for the last 3 to 4 days my lock has been working about 95% of the time. I even have a rule set up that if UPS comes and drops off a package they have their own code. I got an alert today said that UPS dropped off my package. I thought oh man this thing is working great finally. Well guess what? Only lasted 3 days now I'm back to it not working again. This is just driving me crazy.

I feel your pain. My 2nd hub just arrived today. I haven’t set it up yet however because my locks have been solid for over a week for the first time ever...

Now that I am posting this I’m certain they’ll flake out again.

@craigspree. that's funny I feel the same way that's why I haven't posted anything about the lock being good for the last three days. But since it's starting to flake out again I figured I'd post. I'm really thinking about switching to a Kwikset 914 zigbee.