New Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor

I have an older one and it works great even from a long distance. I have this new one that is a model SML004 that pairs fine, talks for a moment and then just blinks red like it can't talk to the hub. I've got it a couple of feet from the C-8. Anyone have anything I should/could try before I send this back to Amazon as a defective unit?

Just based on Hue's overall reputation for quality, my first assumption wouldn't be that the unit is defective.

I remember seeing previous posts about issues with Hue sensors and the C8 - have you searched the community here to see if there are any tips in those posts?

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I'll have a look. Since I have a Hue Outdoor sensor that works perfectly fine with my C-8, I assumed it was particular to this device. It won't stay talking long enough to upgrade the firmware in case that would help. I'll have a look around wrt C-8 and Hue.

Well, I do see other people having issues with Hue Outdoor sensors, but no obvious solutions unless I'm missing something.

Note, that your device is a newer model, it has probably new SoC software version, and some newer Zigbee 3.0 devices are reported to have problems with the new C-8 hub.

Well, this is a problem now isn't it? @bobbyd is this a likely cause?

This sounds very familiar to me, it is usually Tuya, and some Aqara and Ikea Zigbee 3.0 devices that were reported to have these symptoms when pairing to C-8.

But lets wait to see if someone else has successfully paired the new Hue outdoor motion sensor model SML004 .

BTW, have you tried to pair it using the option "Pair while trying to avoid Zigbee 3.0 repeaters - try if a device is found and initialized but is unresponsive and no attributes are displayed?

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Just tried it. Stayed on and reporting for a few seconds and then POOF. Gone.

This would really be too bad if true. I really love the Hue motion sensors.

Yeah, my old one outside in the backyard is stellar. I just it mostly for LUX reporting to automate a retractable awning but it's been solid.

I used to have an outdoor model doing the gate. I've got 11 indoor Hue motions in service.

My outdoor Hue is an SML004 and its been working fine with one of my C8 hubs for months.


Yes, in some environments these pair without problems, in other - the Zigbee pairing will not complete.

Seems like this depends on the number and on the models of the Zigbee routers/repeaters that are already paired to the hub.


I have a 004 and its been working perfectly with my C8 for months too.

Anyone know how to do a factory reset on one of these outdoor sensors?

Unpaired. Full factory reset. Paired perfectly fine. Then immediately fell off the Zigbee network. I've never had something like this happen before. Sigh. I have a C-7 but it runs wifi/3rd party stuff only. No Zigbee/Z-Wave.

I have an Inovelli zigbee Blue switch that behaved like this on the C8. It would pair and then immediately drop off. I was able to pair it on the C7 and update the firmware. With new firmware I was then able to successfully pair it with the C8. No idea if you have a firmware update option with the Hue sensor.

I don’t have the latest version but can confirm there are firmware updates for the older outdoor and indoor Hue motions available.