New Hubitat User - please recommend best switches/dimmers/sensors for Italy/EU

Good morning all
I'm one who like to study and project alot before make. (i'm not Elon Musk :slight_smile: ).
After weeks of navigation, study, tutorial in YT.
I'm pretty sure that HE is the control i need.
Now the question fall on the objects to use whit HE
Better Google or Alexa?
what is the best switch?
the best dimmer?
Ect. Etc.
Avrei bisogno delle vostre esperienze

Hello Roberto, It appears you might be from Italy? You might get some more specific advice if you can tell us from where you are from. The USA switches, for example, are much different than the rest of the world.


Hello - and welcome to Hubitat!

As @neonturbo has said, recommendations are very location dependent. If you are in the EU, there are several Hubitaters from Europe. There is even a section of the community to get region-specific help.



Thanks for the fast answer
What i can do?
Copy the same topic in Europe folder or tag this one whit EU tag ? :slight_smile:

Thanks Again

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