New Hubitat User... Help Choosing the Best Location

Hi there.. I'm a current Wink Hub 2 user and with it's recent instability, I've chosen to migrate over to Hubitat. The hub gets here this weekend and I'm currently trying to plan out where I'm going to place it. My wink hub is connected via WiFi, so I was able to place it almost directly in the center of the house. Since I have to hard wire Hubitat, the current location of my wink hub is out of the question. I have a couple options for placement. I can run a new cable either into my office or upstairs into the living room loft. I have attached a screen shot from my Neato floor plan to give a rough idea of the layout downstairs. Seemed like an easy way to do it, rather than trying to draw something Anyway, the office is labeled and the red arrow is the possible location up on top of the bookcases in the corner. The blue arrow is the current location of the wink hub, which is ideal but no lan drop there...and not an option right now. The upstairs possible location is essentially in the same spot as the office location but on the second floor. The upstairs living room is directly over the office, but it's totally open to the downstairs. Perhaps it really won't make much difference...but I would like to at least get some opinions as to which spot would be best. The other photo is a shot looking up from downstairs into the open living room area. Office location is arrow is the possible Hubitat location and the blue arrow is the shelf where the wink hub is currently. I am kind of leaning towards upstairs right now.

The Office choice will probably work, because I assume the most distant walls from there won't have a Z-device (ZWave or Zigbee).

On the other hand, a handy WiFi to Etehrnet adapter is usable for a variety of uses.


Could this adapter be used to connect HE hubs in another location such as an unattached garage and still talk to it through WIFI with something like a laptop?

Yup! It just becomes another device on your WiFi network.

WiFi goes in one 'end' -- ethernet goes out the other.

You need to join it to your WiFi network (SSID + pw) but then anywhere it gets a WiFi signal you can plug it into any Ethernet only type device.. there's lots of talk about this category of device for "Media Center" locations, for example.

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Well that changes a lot for me. I don't have to run ethernet out to everything now!

But muh ethernetz! :wink:


I always wondered if there was something that was out there to do this. I just wonder if it would work for video streaming?

Interesting... I suppose that is an option. I hadn't thought about that. So the upstairs location would not be better than the office? I guess the signal would more naturally go up.. Decisions...

The words say it can do 300mb on 2.4gig Wifi.. so I guess that would limit your 8k video streaming :smiley:

Yeh, better off sticking to communicating with the hub.

Here are the current locations of my devices downstairs. Red X locations are zigbee bulbs and the blue X locations are z-wave wall switches. Does seeing the location of these change your opinion at all?

No. You seem to have an adequate set of ZWave devices in the direction of the furthest device.. which seems to be outside the walls of the house!

Let's pretend the Vac's map is North = UP and therefore one wall 'east' is a ZWave device, then 'south' are two more, 'east' again and you get to the two on the inside wall, and finally to the device outside. That's 3 hops and is legal. However, ZWave doesn't map repeaters that way and it's just as lileky that the hub goes directly to one of the 4 devices that are 'south' (Kitchen maybe?) and then 'east' to any one of the three devices along that east wall. Meaning there's only two hops!! All of my guessing is assuming that the devices along the 'east wall' are 'too far' because of walls or metal refrigerators, etc.

Thanks.. The office would probably be the easiest spot for me to run an ethernet cable to. But that WiFi to ethernet device would allow me to put the Hubitat in the same spot as the wink hub...which I think is pretty much the best spot in the house for it, as it's damn near directly in the center. I would be curious to see how much the performance would suffer using that as opposed to hard wired. :thinking:

Just checking back in.. got the HE installed with the IOGear dongle in the same location as the wink hub. Of course I have no frame of reference to compare it to hardwired, but I'm happy with the response time. :+1:t2:

Now you can walk it upstairs to the Office and see if it's any different :smiley: