New Hubitat TV Commercial


Saw this posted on YouTube. Maybe one day I'll see it on TV. :slight_smile:


I saw the commercial Sunday night on the DIY Network during Building Alaska.

Congratulations to the team!


Congratulations indeed. I have to say though, that without a smart phone app and clearer consumer oriented documentation, this may cause higher expectations of "consumer friendly" than the existing hub and device can provide.

Maybe this is good news, in that we can expect this to come soon. Hopefully it won't result in the "melt down" the other hub experienced as it went from hobbyist to mainstream (relatively speaking).

I love this hub and really hope it doesn't cause too much negativity as real-world consumers attempt to climb what I think remains a pretty steep learning-curve.


Completely agree... Seems premature. But I still wish them the best!!!


The lack of support documentation across all spectrums of the user base is a big issue but improving at the entry levels.
Don’t forget everyone can contribute to this through the WiKi


I’ve had this conversation before.
Either make the platform easier to use with a less steep learning curve or improve documantation to help beginners get started.
It really depends upon what market you are aiming at.
My personal believe is that Hubitat is a little ‘lost’ in it’s aims
But hey! What do I know?

We all hope HE does well and continues to provide us with a brilliant platform.