New Hubitat Hub - no lights

I just received my Hubitat, after ordering directly from Hubitat and it was delivered by Amazon. There were no lights when I plugged in, then there was a blue light briefly (about 3 seconds) and I can't ping it. I've seen similar posts here and I'm worried that the they are lacking in quality control, but I need to know... what now?

Submit a warranty claim here:

I'm also tagging @support_team


Blue light and then no light, right? Could you please try a different USB cable and/or a different USB power supply if there are any around?


Thanks, I appreciate the help. I'm and original "Quirky /Wink" customer since 2015, but I'm done with the outages, so I've moved along. Now I'm not so sure that I picked the right path to move forward. :thinking:

I did, no go with replacing the cable or power supply. It's DOA :scream:

Definitely a warranty claim, then. Sorry about that...


I took the advice from @aaiyar and submitted a warranty claim. Can anyone tell me how long the process is?

It is pretty rare to have an initial issue with the hub like this, and it seems to be even more rare to have issues later in the hub's life. I have had my C5 hub since 2019 and my C7 for nearly two years now without any issues,. There are many others here that have similar experiences as mine, the hubs overall seem to be very reliable.

It does suck that once in a while there is a bad hub. But Hubitat will make it right, and send a ndw one right away.

If you really are worried about long-term issues, you can extend the warranty and get a cloud backup service via an optional paid service. Personally I don't see the need for it in my particular situation, but others are more risk adverse than I am.

Edit: Wink refugee here too...


Usually very quick. And while it is unfortunate that your hub was DOA, it is an uncommon experience.

I moved here from Wink as well (in 2019), and I think I've bought 5 hubs. None of them were DOA. I've got two active at home right now.

Edit: One of the two at home is a C-5 from Feb of 2019, and another old C-5 I bought is still being used by the person I sold it to.


I came from Wink a couple of years ago. You chose the right path. Sorry you got a bad hub.

Welcome to the community!


...if you go back I have a Wink Relay and two hubs I'll sell you (v1 and v2). :rofl:

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I still have my Wink V2 just in case I go crazy and decide to go back.

Luckily, I have never felt the need to leave Hubitat.


While you're waiting for your new Hub to arrive, here are a few tips that I hope will be helpful:

  1. Since Hubitat can be 100% local, it maintains a fairly complex database on the hub that is being constantly read and written to. Power interruptions can corrupt databases. So:
    i. Put your hub on a UPS to minimize the chances of a sudden power interruption.
    ii. Never reboot your hub by pulling power abruptly. Always do a controlled shutdown from the menu.
    iii. Avoid disconnecting power from the microUSB end (hub end). If you must disconnect power, do it from the power supply end.
  2. Give your hub a reserved IP address in your DHCP server (most likely your router).
  3. There are two documents on building reliable z-wave and zigbee meshes that I've linked to below - I encourage you to read them:
    i. How to build a solid Z-Wave mesh
    ii. How to build a solid Zigbee mesh
  4. 700-series Z-Wave radios can be finicky. Make sure you update the Z-Wave firmware as soon as you register your hub.
  5. Familiarize yourself with the Diagnostic Tool. It is at port 8081 on your hub's IP address.

It costs me about $20 a week in electricity when they're down, so I not happy with the $2 discount they give back for their down time. They've been down for 10 days again, so I don't think you'll be doing anything crazy anytime soon. Haven't those people heard of change control? LOL!

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And probably the biggest tip of them all, don't hesitate to come here and ask lots of questions!


I'm an IT guy, so points #1 and #2 go without explanation, but I definitely have a lot to learn with regards to #3 - #5. It's because it can run local that I chose Hubitat.


Hello Gentlemen,
It's been nearly 24 hrs and I've received no response from Hubitat on my DOA. I had this idea that someone would have acknowledged my warranty request with an email reply. How long should I be waiting? Is there an email or chat feature for @support to speak with someone on the status?

Tagging @bobbyD

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@support_team may respond faster at this time of day.

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Wink refugee as well. Via SmartThings. Third time's a charm. I have three hubs, fourth on its way. You'll love 'em.