New Hubitat Elevation Model C-7 Available

I may start moving things one at a time to my C5 device as I move most of my automations to node-red. Shrug.


Most of my 75 devices except my garage door openers (that tend to want to be close to the hub to pair) are easy enough to get to.

Like I said - not the end of the world. :slight_smile:

I'm surprised there isnt the ability to join a C7 to an existing zwave network as a secondary controller, remove the OG from the network and promote the C7 to primary.

I thought Z-wave had this ability natively?

Have you tried using HubConnect?

I havent got my C7 yet and dont have a HE - I'm on Vera atm.

ahhh, gotcha. If you do get multiple hubs, you can manage them using hubconnect. I plan on doing this as my C-7 will be my second hub, so i plan on having it (or my old hub) run some resource intensive apps while the other is my radio)

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There's no option for DHL to Australia?

For some reason DHL rates are sky high right now to AUS. UPS has much better rates. DHL is twice as much.


I just went with the default option which is "US Postal Service First Class International".

It's due to the lack of passenger airline flights to Aus right now - most mail and freight is carried by airlines these days. From what i've been told by friends at Aussie Post, it's having a huge impact on any carrier that doesnt have their own aircraft fleet.

Makes sense. International air shipments are a mess right now, world wide.

I am particularly excited about the Repair a Z-Wave node database entry in the new software.

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Any idea how long usps takes from US? I understand that UPS has its own fleet so wondering if it would be better to go the premium shipping option. (I'm not in a rush)

Usually 25-35 business days is my understanding, for items sent this month.

I have the same problem with login. Tested on the iPad as well.

Wow that's a seriously long time!

I've had some things take 2 weeks and some take 12, it's pretty random atm.

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Apologies for what may be a stupid question, but I don't see it directly answered yet. Does the new c-7 also support the backup capability? I assume so, but your post specifically said c-5 only. I'd consider moving everything off my C-4 to a C-7 just for the complete backup.

It is not possible to migrate radios from C-4 to anything else, as that feature is not available in the radio stick.

Decided to take a punt on USPS too (like I said, I'm in no rush)

It's odd though, my shipping costs $26 vs your $23!