New hubitat app/old dashboard

I was hopeful that in the new hubitat iOS app the issue of dashboard refresh would be solved, but it seems it persists. Sometimes, arming or disarming does not change the status on the tiles even thought the system itself does arm /disarm as intended. With the online dashboard, even after closing down the page and refreshing it would not display the current status correctly. In the app, sometimes the dashboard updates and at others it does not, and then it becomes necessary to manually refresh the dashboard by scrolling down to show the current status. Are people aware of this bug(?), and is there a work around to force the dashboard to refresh automatically? Thanks.

The app isn't a new dashboard. It's just a convenient way to get to your dashboard.
Do you have a lot of devices loaded in your dashboard that you are not using? This can slow dashboard performance as you may or may not be aware.

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Right, that makes sense since it behaves just like the old dashboard. No, all the devices loaded on the dashboard are in use (27 devices and 2 status tiles); in fact, I purposely left out at least 10 other devices that are also in use but are not needed to be displayed in the dashboard. All I have in there are contact/motion sensors, keypads, and a couple of lights.

I'm not an HSM user for intrusion protection, so I wouldn't have encountered that. In testing I didn't have that issue. Perhaps some of the more experience Dashboard users have some advice more helpful.

Many of us have the same issue with various tiles not updating at all or only time by time. From what I've read elsewhere, HE support as aware. I saw a comment saying that Javascript had maybe stopped running in the browser for some reason (I have all power saving etc off so not sure how, or why it would only affect some tiles). They are looking to see if the App dashboard might automatically fix this somehow since they would have more control over it inside the app.

They are looking to see if the App dashboard might automatically fix this somehow since they would have more control over it inside the app.

that was my hope too, but as of now sometimes the dashboard refreshes and sometimes it does not. At least with the app you get the option of reloading it manually; the safari shortcut I had added to my home screen would simply not refresh at all no matter how many times I would close it and reopen it.

Yeah, in which case best to use a browser for now and just refresh it.

On my Android. Not sure of the right nomenclature here, but if I click on the little square then close the open dashboards there. Then open the dashboard again it seems to be ok. I guess that causes some sort of refresh.

Problem is in iOS, when you create a Safari shortcut for a dashboard it is not possible to refresh it; the option is simply not there (not sure if this is because it is a shortcut or something else). This is why I was hopeful the app had solved this (which in a way it has because at least the app does allow you to refresh it).

you Can hit the HE icon at the top left. That will take back out to the dashboard menu, then go back in.

Thank you for the tip. I'll try that too until it (hopefully) gets fixed.