New Hub will not pair with any devices

I followed the procedure, and the hub was right next to the new GE wall switch but it would not pair. Also could not pair with a GE bulb, which I reset to unpair it from old Wink controller. Habitat hub did not see either device. 800 number? Thanks.

Are these both Z-Wave devices? Did you exclude them from Wink or did you just factory reset both?

They may still be looking for the Wink hub. You can try doing an exclude from Hubitat first.


GE has several different models of switches and bulbs (some of which are WiFi only), which ones were you attempting to pair?


It is a GE Smart Switch, model 12727, in-wall z-wave (not plus) switch.
The bulb is a GE light bulb, do not know model.
Thanks for any help.

With that old Z-wave stuff, you likely will have to be very close to the Hubitat hub to first exclude, then include it. These don't have much range when pairing, and can't do a network wide inclusion like the newer Plus devices can.

That bulb should be Zigbee, and it should pair. If you go to the Logs tab in Hubitat (maybe even right click and open in a new window) what does it say when pairing? And were you able to get the bulb to reset by doing the on/off power sequence and seeing the bulb blink?


Yes, old stuff. The switch is new (after sitting on my shelf for years...), and has not been paired. Still, I did do a reset (3 clicks up, 3 down) before I attempted to pair with Habitat. I was within 2 feet of the switch when I attempted to pair (include). For the bulb, it was previously paired but I did do a reset first. The error log gives: Inclusion timed out, status: 7.
will try to pair bulb again to see if it says anything during pairing.

Did you successfully exclude this using Hubitat? If you can’t exclude it from any given hub location, it will not include from that location.

Z-Wave devices, like that switch, do not support network wide inclusion. Only Zwave+ devices do.


@user1941 Can you post your z-wave details page please. (in it's entirety) If you cannot please join the owners group then come back here and post.

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Do yourself a huge favor, get rid of those non+ zwave devices now while your are changing platforms. The non+ z wave devices are usually the root cause of alot of peoples Zwave woes, and they don't work very well with the C7 hubs.

That's not the same as an exclusion. You should also specifically exclude it first.


I did not exclude. I did not think this was required because it has never been included in a network. Does resetting the switch do the same thing as an exclude? When it failed to include the first time, I did run the reset routine (3 quick ONs and 3 quick OFFs). I will google how to exclude in case that is needed as well. Thanks.

It's not so much a "requirement" as a best practice. I also didn't use to exclude new devices, but once I started doing that I found I'm having fewer issues.

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Please do show us the Zwave Details page as a screen print. You might have ghosts that will bite you in the future.


The old 12727 switch actually does not have a built-in factory reset capability (the procedure you describe is included only in documentation for some newer Z-Wave plus versions). Per Jasco support, and the instructions that come with the 12727, exclusion by a Z-Wave controller is what you need to do instead.


Interesting. One switch I attempted to setup was never paired before so I didn't think it needed to be excluded - is this incorrect?

Yes, also have some old Wink devices to move over. Do I need to exclude from Wink system, or can it be done from the new Hubitat hub?

When I do exclude from Hubitat, does it exclude everything or how do you pick the device to exclude?

Thanks for all the help out there!

Yes, beginning to see issues of older devices. One reason I wanted to do it was to avoid changing out the 8 wall switches and several outlets I use. thought it was cheaper in time to put in a new hub.

However, if I need to replace hardware anyway, is there a reason to stick with z wave instead of moving to wifi devices? Always tradeoffs, just not sure of the z wave benefits at this point.


What kind of wifi devices? Alot (most actually) arent compatible with hubitat, or require a cloud (not local) connection and community app or driver.

Inovelli and Zooz are great options. Inovelli seems to have more issues keeping stuff in stock. Zooz is better for in stocks, and prices. They are available through amazon , or their own store is The Smartest House and the frequently have pretty good sale pricing.

I understand about the time investment, but it will still be less time to replace those non + devices than to invest alot of time and frustration trying to get obsolete devices to work correctly.


To your knowledge.

I've received used switches/dimmers from Amazon before. So it is always a good practice to exclude before including. The second reason being that a failed exclusion cannot create a "ghost" whereas a failed inclusion can. So if the hub doesn't exclude a switch successfully from a particular location, you know that it is not a suitable location for an inclusion either.

You can exclude from Hubitat. I prefer to exclude using a handheld controller because I can take the controller directly to the switch, but that isn't necessary if you can move your hub around.

I have a z-wave network with 60 devices. Half of them (outlets and contact sensors) are original z-wave. And I have no immediate plans to update them. I would recommend replacing z-wave switches/dimmers with either zwave+ equivalents, or zigbee/Lutron devices.

I think @lcw731 accurately described the issue with most WiFi devices - they aren't locally controlled.

That being said, there are exceptions - like LiFX and YeeLight bulbs, Kasa devices (these still require polling over the LAN), Sonos speakers, ecowitt weather stations ..... there is actually a growing list of WiFi/LAN devices that can be integrated locally with Hubitat. But unfortunately not many switches/dimmers/outlets.

Personally, I favor Lutron switches and dimmers. They integrate locally with Hubitat via a Lutron bridge. The switches and dimmers are "bullet-proof", extremely responsive, and there are no mesh issues to contend with.


Some switches regardless seem to need excluded or reset. Any time something refuses to pair it's a good idea. Again though it could be indicative of something else. Please post your current z-wave details page...

You can run exclusion on the hubitat hub. Wink can be off.

When you put the switch in pairing mode and run exclude, it will exclude the switch (it sees a switch in pairing mode and excludes it but only one at a time)


Thanks to all for help. Making some progress. Was able to exclude/include one mobile outlet -- a start. Still not luck on 2 GM bulbs. Will work on moving around to try the wall switches next. Model number of GE switch is 12727 which does not show up in the list of devices to add -- call it a generic switch?

You can skip right to the Z-wave button in the Add Devices menu, and just do the button press sequence with the switch. In fact, I never use the guided stuff, I just skip to Zigbee or Zwave buttons. The guided stuff doesn't do anything different other than help beginning users walk through the steps and give some prompts instead of having to look up the manual or know the secret button sequence.

So for your device that isn't in the database, you can just do a normal Z-wave inclusion.


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