New Hub setup and getting "Zigbee network is not online."

I think I have my first Hub failure on a new setup. Ironically it is a replacement of a Homeseer hub and there is no Zigbee.

My intention is to add Zigbee to the customer in the future. The customer is in Bahamas and that is where I am; should I install the Z-wave and Lutron devices and switch the hub on my next run in November using the backup plan from Hubitat? The other option is to tell the customer that I need to abort the installation until November?

Is there any hope to restore and/or fix the Zigbee radio?


Maybe they can find something in the engineering logs.

The error that shows up is "Zigbee network is not online." Zigbee is turned on but it does not work. I have used enough of these hubs to realize that this is a serious error. My question for Hubitat is it a hardware error or can it be resolved via software?


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Thank you for assistance. Do you have a suggestion?

Usually if it's a new hub and off line I would just go to, click warranty and choose zigbee radio offline.


Please be sure to open warranty case as mentioned above in case you need a replacement, also, you could send me a private message along with your hub ID so we can get started with your case.


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