New hub found in portal, but MAC addy doesn't match?

Portal finds my new hub at with MAC address of 34:E1:D1:80:96:EA which matches the sticker on the bottom of the unit. I connect to and things look okay. I've got it "Checking For Update" right now (Currently running version:

However ... when I look at my Netgear Router's Connected Devices list (and yes, I've refreshed many times) ... the MAC address associated with is 2C:AA;8E:2F:5C:67 and it indicates it's connected via 2.4GB Wireless where the Hub is definitely hardwired.

So ... does this make sense? And how long should it take to "Check for Update" anyhow?

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is a Wyze camera. Do you have a reservation for 34:E1:D1:80:96:EA? If not, maybe it got a new address.

Sounds like your hub may have changed IP addresses. Iā€™d look in the router attached devices list and see if you can spot another entry that matches you hub.

But if I go to ... I get to the Hubitat interface?

Have you checked your DHCP lease reservations to make sure that you don't have two devices at the same IP? Or, if you are using static IP on the Wyze camera, that you haven't put it on top of your Hubitat Hub?

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I have a lease reserved for 34:E1:D1:80:96:EA on None of my Wyze cameras are static IP. I've verified my Router firmware is updated. I have 13 static IPs and this is the only one on

Using the link I scanned the lan for the IP and it found it. I scanned for the MAC address and it found it. I scanned via mDNS and it found it as hubitat.local. At one point, one of the links said it say a version 2.2.5 update and now it just says "Download started" but the progress bar isn't showing any signs of life.

But in the router connected devices page, it still shows 2C:AA:8E:2F:5C:67 as the MAC address. Computers hate me.

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Yeah, they hate me, too. I designed them back in the 1970s and 1980s.

Perhaps your router has some sort of caching issue. Have you tried powering down the router, letting it sit for 20 seconds, then rebooting the router? Then, shutdown the Hubitat, then power it back up. That will make the hub do a DHCP request for a new IP, and, hopefully, it should be handed the correct one. This sort of bug is often missed because devices usually stay at the same IP.

Thank you all. I got it. I had set the IP it reported as the reserved IP. and it wasn't fully working. HAL9000 (please don't kill me, my name's not Dave!) mentioned the MAC address that was showing was for a Wyze device. So ... I updated the reserved IP to for the MAC address on the unit ... unplugged the hub, rebooted the router, plugged in the hub and ... there's a Wyze camera on and a Hubitat on The firmware update has successfully downloaded and applied. I think I'm good to start setting up.

Again, thank you all for leading me to the correct resolution!


I have some issues with MAC address also. I was trying to update my hub and had to go into the diagnostic tool. Wanted the MAC address as the password. I couldn't get in no matter how I typed the MAC address (caps, small, colons, no colons). I reached out for help and found the MAC on my label and the MAC reported by my router were the same BUT, the MAC for the password was different. I found it my going into the hub reset screen. [your hub IP]:8081/factory/recovery. Obviousy DO NOT push the "Start factory recovery" button but there will be a a field with your hubs MAC address. Mine seemed to change on each reboot. No Idea why but, now it reports the correct address.?????
Don't know if that will help you track down your issue.

Does the MAC address reported on Settings > Hub Details match what is printed on the sticker on the bottom of your Hub? I you might investigate with @gopher.ny to make sure you figure out what is needed to be able to log in to the Diagnostic Tool.

If the two match, experiment a bit to figure out what you are doing wrong.

I have always found that the easiest way to log in to the Diagnostic Tool is to copy the MAC address on the Settings > Hub Details page and paste it into the field for the Diagnostic Tools login. You might want to save that away on a Notepad, etc., for the next time.

The MAC on the sticker and the MAC that showed up in settings were the same. Apparently the hub I have is older (about 5mo) and I just started using it. There was something about a virtual MAC address issue on older hubs. I think its fixed now. All reporting the same now.


The MAC address of the zwave radio was being used. And yes, that is fixed now.

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