New hub doesn’t seem to turn on

I just got my hub today and have it plugged in to Ethernet and power but the status light isn’t coming on.

The setup guide says to check the support docs but I can’t find much other than stuck on a blue light.

If the hub LED doesn’t light up at all, it sounds like a power issue.

Do you have another USB power supply and cable that you know are good? You could try swapping them in to see if the hub powers up.

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In most cases no LED means a power problem, It uses a standard microUSB cable and pretty standard 1 amp power adapter.

Only a Blue LED generally means no Internet connection. A new hub is going to go retrieve the latest Platform code and it needs Internet for that.

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I’ve tried a power supply and cable that normally powers a pi, the cable that came with the hub with a usb wall outlet and with the adapter and usb cable in the box

Not exactly encouraging news. Tagging @support_team, you may have a warranty claim if the hub itself is the issue.

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One cruel path that bad hubs can take is via Amazon. Hubitat has obligated Amazon to send all returns back to Hubitat.. but Amazon doesn't always do that and one broken hub might make 2-3 round trips before it actually gets returned to Hubitat.

If that wasn't cruel enough, Hubitat did get a returned hub once that was actually a SmartThings hub. There's a picture of it somewhere on here but long enough ago I can't find it.


I can totally see how that happens but that doesn’t apply in this situation, I don’t think.

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Submit a warranty case here:


I am very sorry to hear that you're having problems getting started. Please create a warranty case, if you didn't do so already, by visiting the above link and someone will expedite a replacement as soon as possible if necessary.

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Just filled out a warranty claim. Certainly a bummer as I was hoping to migrate this weekend

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Do you have no LED lit? Or a blue LED? There may be ways to recover from the later. That being said, I defer to @bobbyD.

As a former SmartThings owner I would definitely have taken advantage of that kind of return policy :slight_smile:

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No led.

I even looked through the devices connected to my network looking for the MAC address to see if it was connected, just no light.

Honestly I’m not sure what first impression having to file a warranty claim on day 1 is when I wasn’t entirely sure this was the hub I wanted to migrate to… but I don’t think it’s very good.

If I go through warranty and replace the hub can I even still return it later? Does my return period reset since Hubitat has a pretty slim window to begin with?

The same warranty terms apply to the replaced hub. Your warranty period starts over.

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I understand your frustration and I'm sorry for your less-than-stellar first impression. I have 5 hubs* most have been running nonstop for a year or more, and the hardware has always been 100% reliable. I do keep them on a UPS and make sure they have plenty of air flow, but no special treatment other than what you would give any piece of computing equipment. And while hardware failures do, of course, occur, reports of them are pretty rare. I would definitely encourage you to give it a second chance!

*Yes, 5 is excessive. The vast majority of the user base gets along fine with just 1. In my case two are purely for testing. Two more manage specific integrations and functions. And one does all the work!

And I might add the fact that @bobbyd is on answering questions at 5am his time on a Saturday... hey that's pretty good!


That doesn’t exactly answer my question. I want to know if I can still return a hub that has been replaced under warranty, not if the replacement hub has a warranty.

Your choice to go down the warranty route is your choice, and nothing to be disputed (by us),,,,

Beyond that.... I hope you have a warm and welcoming experience....


Also, I checked on your case and looks like your replacement is on its way. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have further questions.

While the first impression matters, the long term experience is what matters most. Once you have a hub up and running, I recommend starting slow and taking your time to fully explore the power and flexibility that Hubitat Elevation provides. If you are coming from a different platform, please check out this community Wiki post:


Not quite 5AM but certainly before the caffeine level reached the functional threshold. :slight_smile:


Thank you. I did see the emails a few moments ago about the replacement.

I appreciate your availability and quick response on the forum. I had read through that getting started post already, and have been reading a lot more posts now having made an account.

Fingers crossed the replacement arrives quickly and in good working order.