New Homebridge Plug-in via MakerAPI


        "name": "GE Smart Fan Control",
        "label": "Ceiling Fan",
        "type": "GE Smart Fan Control",
        "id": "130",
        "date": "2019-04-29T18:43:20+0000",
        "model": null,
        "manufacturer": null,
        "capabilities": [
        "attributes": {
            "level": "32",
            "dataType": "ENUM",
            "values": [
            "switch": "off"
        "commands": [
                "command": "configure"
                "command": "off"
                "command": "on"
                "command": "refresh"
                "command": "setLevel"

Thanks! I'll try it after work.

Hey @swiss6th,

just published a new version of the plugin to get you GE Fan Controls working (with the current driver). @JasonJoel 's driver is technically still the right choice as it actually implements the Fan Control capability as it should be. But you should be ok now.

Updated but now it doesn’t control the fans at all. It will say on and off but they don’t turn on.

What type of fan do you have?

Hey Dan...looks like they implemented the Modes and HSM endpoints for the Maker API like you requested! Can't wait to see your great plugin take advantage of these on Homebridge. Keep up the great work!!!

I have 1 Honeywell fan switch 1 Leviton and just replaced the bedroom with the Hampton bay controller.

@black01gt I just published a new version of the plugin to fix your issue.....

@tsviper: Yes! I saw that and already updated my development hub. Going to work on this over the next couple of days and test the hell out of it, especially with all those different fan drivers..... :crazy_face:

Well I can control the fan now. But when I turn it on it goes to 100% then the icon goes off. Fan still on. Control the slider turns it off.

Can replicate that one here.... So your fan is off, you press and hold on the icon and use the slider or just single press on the icon and wait for it to turn on to 100%?

Single press the icon and it turns on the fan to 100% then the icon goes grey(off). Fan is still on at 100%. Press and hold to adjust the speed turns it off.

Ok, I would need the window output from homebridge to see what is going on there. I need to see those lines with "Change Event"..... I have the feeling that the events are overlapping here...

Not sure how to do that. I can try if you can give me steps.

You mean the log? Where you can see events?

How do you start homebridge? systemctl or with pm2 or just by command line. Homebridge shows some output, that is the one I am talking about

I use PM2. Give me a min and I’ll get some screen shots.

yes, you can just do pm2 logs and it shows you the output. Do the control once and a screenshot will be just fine then

Turned on then slid slider to 0 to turn it off.

Thanks, let me take a look at that