New Homebridge Plug-in via MakerAPI

What version of iOS is your iPad Air 2 running?

@ogiewon 13.6 on all 3 devices.. After you asked I thought for a second "*#($, did i forget to update the Air??" LOL but I did.. So yea all 3 devices are on the same version..

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Also I believe you have to log into your iCloud account and select which device will be the Apple home hub.

So much for that idea... :thinking:

Personally, I use an Apple TV4K for my HomeKit hub.


@JBrown You're absolutely correct!!! You do.. that's how the iOS shares the "hub" feature and all corresponding Home config.. Honestly I think there is either an incompatibility with the Air 2 due to it's old age, or maybe something wrong with it, either way, I appreciate your thoughts and comments on it, but I don't want you all spinning your wheels on something that I've just been goofing off with for the last 3 weeks. I really was just seeing if I could use Homebridge/MakerAPI and Apple Home to be my geozoning for when I leave/arrive home. I love HE overall but I hate the horrible HE geozoning issues the HE app has. I have given up on that aspect of HE and have looked into other avenues for geozone triggers, but it look like Apple Home isn't gonna be viable since my Air 2 is problematic lol.

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Have you looked at using Locative? It is being supported again, and seems to work very reliably for most iOS users that have tried it. It takes a little up front effort to get it working via the Hubitat Maker API app + a virtual presence device...

Here's some notes I made a while back.


@ogiewon... HMMM I haven't tried Locative, but i'm willing to try anything at this point.. I just want the consistency I had on my previous "Not to be named" platform coughcough** Wicoughnkcough!!!! HAHAHAH.. I loved the geozoning on it's platform as long as the cloud services were up I should say.

In all honesty the "not to be named" platform was (and still is) wonderful as a cloud service and ease of use, but the last 2 years have left me with too many scars. So that's why I switch to this wonderful HE hub. And in continuing with the honesty, HE hub and features, and functionality wasn't the selling point for me, it was you all. I join the HE community shortly after I started my hub search. And with all the back and forth (sometimes comical) communication and help everyone gives anyone in the HE community, THAT was THE PRIMARY factor that sold me on HE. So thank you to you all for steering me into this crazy rabbit hole that is the HE world/community!!


Worth a try if you have not already, reboot the iPad Air. I had that problem with my Apple TV and it fixed it.

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@JBrown, I did try that and no luck, but I was considering wiping out the Air 2 and just starting it fresh to see if that does anything. I mean my plan for the Air 2 is to design a dashboard for it and have it by my bed side with my RSTP cameras and everything on it, and have the Home app running in the back ground. So wiping it out won't really cause me any major pain as my Gen7 iPad is the replacement work horse to the Air2. And thanks again for your thoughts. I'm always grateful for other's input!!

Your logic with using the Apple HomeKit presence stuff is sound. I've been using it through HomeBridge for a few years now, first with Wink and now with Hubitat. I have an "away" virtual switch on Hubitat that is momentarily flipped by a HomeKit automation when the last person leaves home, and a "home" virtual switch that is momentarily flipped whenever anyone arrives home. Worth the price of the Apple TV, IMHO.....

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@vreihen, an apple tv is on my financial radar, but the C7 just took a chuck out of those funds LOL. But I am totally with you on this. I'll get there.. eventually, but in the mean time I am going to read up on what @ogiewon recommended, Locative and see how much deeper into the rabbit hole this is going to take me.. I sometime wonder if I should have just taken the "Blue Pill"!!! hehehe

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Can you temporarily use the newer iPad as your hub, just to verify that everything works. Swapping HomeKit hubs is not too big a challenge.

Then leave it behind and test on the iPhone and iPad Air?

@csteele, yep I was able to set it up without an issue on the new iPad, and my iPhone (8+) without an issue but for some stupid reason the old iPad Air 2 won't setup. I originally configured Home on my phone, and thought "well it's all iCloud linked so it shouldn't matter what device I set it up on"... Well apparently I thought wrong. You have to do the initial accessory link to homebridge on the device you want to "be the hub". So I started to do that.. and well my iPad Air 2 is being a butt!!! Thanks for you thought none the less. If you all wonder why i'm always thanking ya'll, it's of course the show thanks for the time you took to comment but I also don't want you all thinking i'm shoot down your comment, so thank you!! :grin: :sweat_smile: (yes i'm a bit of a goober) lol


Anyone have any issues with HSM in HomeKit? It correctly arms the actual HSM to either of the three modes, however in Homekit it shows "Arming..." even after it has been armed and never says "Armed" in Homekit.

Im still using an iPad Air 2 as my Home hub and it’s been perfect. Initially I had issues with it not being seen as the hub (but it was selected) and had to toggle “use as home hub”, or something like that, off and on to get it working.
BTW, I initially set mine up on my iPhone as well. I would think your new iPad might have automagically made itself the hub.

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Yes, these kinds of issues are usually an iCloud problem. In iCloud settings toggle the Home setting of/on. If that doesn't work then completely log out of then into iCloud (more of PITA).

I use both the Apple and Locative geolocation. They both perform well and have equivalent minimum radii.


I'm trying to instal and nice and easy right until I hit the:

Configuration File Parameters

section. I figured out the info I need to drop in, but not how to get it into the config.json file without getting an error. Has anyone got a Dummy's Guide for this part as, well, I feel like a dummy...

This is a tool that Dan provides, that may help you.

Dan has an example here.

You can also check json formatting with this.

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Cool, thanks. I read through the example, and I saw the tool, tinkered and broke the Homebridge installation. I think it's just too far over my head. I'll probably give it a miss.

If you want, you can also post your config here and we can try to assist.