New Homebridge Plug-in via MakerAPI and Eventsocket


Debug logging for Homebride? I usually only use that when I am trying to troubleshoot something?


Just a quick update...things have been running great so far with version 0.1.2. Totally stable with no slow downs whatsoever. If you were on the fence with trying this its a great time to jump right in. Thanks again for your work this @dan.t ...I've been following your changes in Github and can't wait to try out your next version when its ready.


Concur on stability this week - can't wait for the updates!

Is there currently a functionality to remove capabilities like tonesto's does? My window shades show up twice, once as shade and once as a switch/dimmer...


I believe Dan is woking on this for the next release.


Yes, as @tsviper said, it is coming in the next release. Hopefully next week, just doing some stability testing.


The hardest part of this was the Raspberry Pi setup... once that was done, this app is phenomenal! Thank you! This is the first user app that I have installed that has been rock solid and functioning extremely well (knocking on wood). Thank you again!


So if you’re looking into the ability to exclude capabilities also look into the capability to exclude an entire device. The reason being is I expose several devices through maker api and don’t necessarily want them to show up in HomeKit because they have nothing to do with HomeKit.


See posts 16 and 17 above.


Yes it references capabilities. I’m saying exclude devices that you use for other reasons on maker api and don’t need for HomeKit.


@JDogg016 The best way to seperate it is by having another MakerAPI instance installed. I actually have 5 MakerAPIs installed right now. You can install as many as you want. This way you only expose the devices that you want to be exposed for each purpose


My mistake, posts 17 and 18. They discuss exactly that.


@dan.t this is working out quite well overall. One thing I noticed is that your plugin does not know the state of the devices if either HE or the RPi is rebooted. Tends to get into a funk to maintain state.

The two issues I am experiencing:

  1. Switches still activate in Home app on iOS but they immediately turn off for the indicator. Almost like they are a momentary switch. The lights don’t go off but do what they are supposed to do.
  2. Siri doesn’t work at all for voice integration. States I need to open the app. Is this a Homebridge issue where I need to delete the persist directory and setup again?


Hey @aaron, both of them sound related to a refresh issue that occurred after an hour of the plugin running...
do another npm -g install homebridge-hubitat-makerapi to make sure that you have the latest version installed and try it again please.


The update fixed the sync. Still have Siri issues finding anything in Home. :frowning: Keep getting the response "Sorry Aaron, I wasn't able to find anything like that this time."

When you open the home app everything appears from homebridge and is actionable. Thoughts?


uh oh, just updated to the latest maker-api plugin published 15mins ago and am not able to start Homebridge anymore. I reverted to v0.1.2.

This is the error I see on my terminal when I try to run HB w/ latest:

    that.accessory.getService(Service.AccessoryInformation).setCharacteristic(Characteristic.SerialNumber, group+':'+device.deviceid);

TypeError: Cannot read property 'getService' of undefined
    at new HE_ST_Accessory (/usr/local/Cellar/node/11.14.0_1/lib/node_modules/homebridge-hubitat-makerapi/accessories/he_st_accessories.js:46:20)
    at populateDevices (/usr/local/Cellar/node/11.14.0_1/lib/node_modules/homebridge-hubitat-makerapi/index.js:72:41)
    at /usr/local/Cellar/node/11.14.0_1/lib/node_modules/homebridge-hubitat-makerapi/index.js:113:17
    at /usr/local/Cellar/node/11.14.0_1/lib/node_modules/homebridge-hubitat-makerapi/lib/he_maker_api.js:130:21
    at IncomingMessage.<anonymous> (/usr/local/Cellar/node/11.14.0_1/lib/node_modules/homebridge-hubitat-makerapi/lib/he_maker_api.js:88:17)
    at IncomingMessage.emit (events.js:198:15)
    at endReadableNT (_stream_readable.js:1139:12)
    at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:81:17)


Sorry about that @walksonair . Just fixed that. Updated again please.

Tried to do something “quickly” to prepare for the next bigger release that is coming and I guess I did it too quickly. Amazing how quickly a one liner change can bite you in the ....


Hmmm, not directly, I am at an airport in Ireland and don't just want to send commands to my wife at home. I double check later today biut I use voice commands all the time....


Ok, HB booted up and looks to be working w/ 0.1.4 Thank you!


I am just googling and found this: Siri not finding any devices all of a sudden. Home app works fine and so does Siri on Apple TV. Why’s is it not working from my phone? : HomeKit

They say to turn off Siri, wait 10 minutes and turn it back on and it worked for them. I don’t think that your issue has anything to do with Homebridge


All of the iPhones in the home have this issue now. :confused: