New Homebridge Plug-in via MakerAPI and Eventsocket



Thanks!! Great work!


I was wondering if there is any way to specify a valve type thru the homebridge plugin? I have several virtual HTTP valves I use for a sprinkler application, but they show up as faucets, rather than an irrigation valve (both being valid Homekit valve types, the other 2 being generic and showerhead). Last year when I was using HASS with hombridge, I could actually specify valve type in the yaml file). Thanks!!


@dan.t Mac OS Catalena Public Beta and iOS 13 Public Beta are released today. Have you heard any feedback about them? A the new versions of HomeKit still compatible with Homebridge?


I have been running the IOS13 beta since it was released a few weeks ago. No big issues.


Any knowledge of HomeKit on MacOS Catalina? Hoping it's not as crappy as it was before.


@ttalele: Right now there is no way to specify the type as I can't detect automatically what type of valve it is (standard or irrigation). Let me think about that one for a bit

@SmartHomePrimer: I have not installed the beta's, so I can't comment on it first hand. I have not seen any "major" changes from an interface perspective and the only issue posted so far is:

However, that might just be a beta issue.


I’d love to be able to have a switch show up as an irrigation valve. maybe a way to specify that in the config file or something?


Sorry haven’t gotten up the nerve yet to install the beta on my iMac.


I’m out right now, but it’s installing on my Air. Why not? I have two backups.

Running iOS 13 now. Seems ok so far

[Edit] Lol. Rolling back to Mojave. HomeKit for MacOS doesn't work any better at this stage and my old versions of Word and Creative Suite are not compatible. That’s an instant non-starter for me.


And that is really the problem with the request of changing the "icon" in the first place. It will open up pandoras box. I can't just define the icon to be used, the icon gets chosen by Homekit based on the characteristic/supported commands of the device.

  • a switch has the characteristic of "switch" and the commands "on" and "off"
  • a valve has the characteristic of "valve" and the commands "open" and "close"

This determine the icon to be shown.

The valve is a little bit special in Homekit as there a two types of valves

  1. a faucet/standard valve
  2. a irrigation valve

And I might be able to do something here...

Bottom line is, I can't just change the icon quickly/easily for whatever the users would desire.

Of course, anything can be programmed, as in a highly flexible config file that says "replace this characteristic with that characteristic" and while you are doing this also "replace this command with that command and mutilate the following command parameters into something like that looking command parameters while the response of the command might look different and replace the command response with that value" kind of config..... (Over-exaggeration over)...

Nobody would be able to use that kind of config file anymore...

So, while I am looking at how I can switch the special valve type, this won't be an opportunity to artificially replace any icon with every other icon.

Just want to tame everyone's expectation/hope....


Hi Guys, Thanks for all the great information. I setup Homebridge on an RPI3 a bunch of ways and eventually settled on using Docker which is very stable and has a nice administrative web page.

Quick Question
I use GE Z-Wave 3-Speed Fans. They display in the Apple Home app as fans but use a slider to change the speed. Is there a way to configure these so rather than a slider it shows Off, Slow, Medium, High in Apple Home app?

Thanks, Glenn


No, that is not possible. Apple's Home app only supports the slider. The slider % gets translated into these speed values either by the driver (if supported) or by the plugin if the driver doesn't support it.


Is there a way or is it possible to provide the ability to remove a capability by device type? Ie for all "type":"Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor" exclude capability "TemperatureMeasurement"? This would be faster if we didn't need granular exclusion of a capability by device ID.

Not sure if this was discussed :slight_smile:


Not right now, the plugin really doesn't know anything about Hubitat driver types. MakerAPI doesn't expose that information in the endpoints that are used.


Ah ya I just looked at the device endpoint and "type" isn't there. However it is in the complete details endpoint. Could you use that endpoint and parse it :slight_smile: Get all deviceID then exclude?


The complete detail endpoint adds quite a bit of load to the Hubitat and takes a good amount of time to execute. I actually used that first but moved away from it due to the resource impact


Ya that's what I thought :slight_smile:


Has anyone noticed that presence sensors do not seem to update accurately within the Home app?

HE will correctly report me as present (via the HE iOS app) but home will show me as not present. This happens quite often.


@JDogg016 sorry, to be clear, do you mean iOS presence being linked to Homebridge or Hubitat app presence device which you are surfacing in homebridge?


Anyone seeing their ceiling fans turn off? I have debug enabled but can’t seem to catch them turning off. My suspicion is HomeKit. If I remove a fan from HomeKit it never shuts off after being turned on through HE. I am using Hampton Bay Zigbee controllers. Anyone else experiencing this?